Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day This Year

What a strange mix of emotions I had yesterday as we were celebrating Mother's Day. I had this tremendous joy just to finally have a Mom again but at the same time missing my Mom and wondering how she'd feel about everything. I know though that if my Mom had the choice she would want me right where I am at now. She would love Dawn and the rest of the family and would for sure want me there.

So we had a nice time at church and all the guys and Dad's did all the cooking, which was sweet. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and then everything to go with that. Afterwards a bunch of us played, that was SOOOO much fun! I don't think I had played since 5th grade, but it was a blast! Thanks to Rachel though, because I wouldn't have even been able to play in the dress I had on so she gave me some extra clothes!!!! :) My shoulder is still a little sore from my sliding into third base, but hey, it was worth it! (I learned AFTER the slide that you should never slide diving head first into the plate) :D

After kickball it was time to leave and their cousins came over. :) We had another cook out with them and just hung out. It was a very fun day and we did get some pictures so when I get back to the house I'll upload them. (I'm at the neighbors) :)

Well I hope you all had a very Happy Mother's Day! :)