Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures up!

Just wanted to let you all know that I have pictures from being here up on my photography blog! :) Click HERE

Here's a sneak peak though! ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not so frequent blogger... :)

Okay, so I had all these great plans to write a long blog post and update you all on what's going on, but I spent my internet time talking to my dear friend Bethany instead. :( Sorry! Maybe she can update for me sometime! :)

I'll say this much....I LOVE it here! I can't imgaine not living with them now. Sometimes it is hard for me to even realize this is real, it's too good to be true in my mind. I love them all so much, they are just a wonderful family! There has been a few things that have happened and it's just been so neat to me to feel a part of a "real" family again. Not that my family wasn't real, but it's like I have my Mom back, I love Dawn just like my own mother and she treats me just like a daughter. When I was sick with a cold (AGAIN) she was so sweet to bring my my vitamins each morning adn then making me my "special" tea 3 times a day for me to drink. It was just so neat to me to see how much she cared for me, and she got me well very fast too! :)

Jordan has been a great brother too! I've always said that I wished I had an older brother living at home with me...well he isn't older than me, but he kind of acts that way...SOMETIMES! ;) It's neat though, because he isn't just like a brother to me, he's a really great friend! :) They all are! :)

Gabrielle is SO much fun! I think she's enjoyed taking my old clothes I don't want anymore and cutting them up and turning them into skirts and things! :) She is quite creative. She's been so sweet to show me how to play different things on the piano also and helping me out with cooking! :)

Christian, who is called "Cupcake" sometimes, is fun too...and funny! :D Except when he chases me around with a chicken in his hand! (Gab too) :P I've been teaching him spanish and he does SO well, an eager learner! :)

Adrian, Isaac, and Kaleb are of course loads of fun too! I never realized I get to have so many brothers!!! Boys are so much fun though! :) I enjoy doing anything with them, reading a book, playing a game, doing our workout class...doing spanish skits! ;)

Are you guys getting the idea here...?? I love them so much!

Also I was kind of worried about what Dawn's daughter Jessica would think of me coming and her husband Jamie. I guess I am still not sure what they think about it, but I love being with them and around them. They are very sweet and Tuesdays when Jess is here it's great! She's sooo sweet! :) Jamie is kind of wild, but fun! ;) :P Just kidding..he's not too bad! ;)

Well, I really should be going. I need to get some spanish done with the kids! Just know, I love it here! I'm so thankful that God brought me this family and has let me live here with them! It's too good to be true it feels like!

Hopefully I can update more soon, with real updates on what we've been doing. My computer isn't hooked up right now to internet, but when we do I can do pics and stuff. :)

Have a great week, month, year..whatever it will be till I blog again! ;)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Currently... I know you have all been wanting to see who won the Film Festival'll have to wait! :D :D :D (I know you already know who, but I might have some fun pics to post!) There is a lot going on right now and that's why I haven't been blogging too much and am interrupting my "festival posts" AGAIN to give you an update. :)

Hmmm....where to even beging? In November I met this reallly nice family, The Lees. I had heard a lot about them but got to know Dawn through email and then she in turn talked about her family so it felt like I knew them. Well since Christmas I have been praying a ton about the possibility of moving up to IL where they live and living with their family. I'm sure you don't want all the details of how this came about but it is pretty amazing how God worked it all out and brought it about. Well God has been unbelieveable in answering prayers for us, so right now I'm in Franklin Grove, IL at the Lee's house on a "trail period" The trial period time is more for them though, to see if they can handle me! :D We are still all praying I think but I really have a peace about my decision to stay here. Lord willing we will be going back down to MO on Valentines Weekend to get some more of my stuff and I can see some of my family again. I'm getting sick of the few shirts I brought too! :D Time for change! ;)

My time here at their house has been GREAT though! We've done so many fun things! :D They've also played so many pranks on me since I've been here...or have made jokes. Like when I first got here the guys told me that they had to widen the door frames for me because of my "big hair" BAD HUH? :D :D Speaking of big hair though...I think I've been quite the influence on this family because I have some pretty interesting photos of them to post as soon as my computer gets hooked up to their internet! :D Watch out Jordan! :D :D Pranks have included asian beetles, racoon skins, mink skins, goat placentas, pizza shoved in my face, watching "outlawed" videos on my computer and listening to songs that were OFF LIMITS! Anyway...I've gotten some of them back (the goat placenta was my idea..and it went UNDER Jordan's pillow one night, but... :( sadly he slept downstairs that night and didn't even sleep on it!) UGH He got grossed out though later when he saw! :D

Spite all these pranks, I LOVE it this family! I could go on and on about them and how wonderful it is, but you'll just have to meet them! :D I'll be posting pictures soon too...well maybe not Sooooon, but sometime you'll get them! okay?

Now you know what is going on though and you know I haven't fallen off the planet or anything..I'm alive! ;)