Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Growing Baby!

Well, I haven't been so faithful updating this blog lately but I have time now, so I am! :) Most of you are on facebook so have seen these pictures, but just in case some of my friends aren't, these are for you! :) Baby Schuler is doing wonderful!! Kicks ALL the time and even pops out ocasionally for me to grab it's foot or see it's arm or leg. (Can't quite tell the difference of some parts through my belly!) It's SOOOO neat though! I love feeling our baby move and kick!

According to my baby application on my phone, our baby is 15 inches long from head to toe and 2.2 lbs. It's amazing to think something that big is growing inside of me! We feel soo incredibly blessed that God chose to give us a little blessing! Sometime I will have to share our story how God did a miracle for us by bringing us our baby! :)

I'm starting this week to paint and get the nursery ready...I'm SO excited to get it done!! Lord willing it will be done soon! :)

Well here are the progressive pictures of our little blessing!
Ultrasound from like 14 weeks! I'm sure it looks MUCH different now! But we aren't having anymore. :) I still think our baby here looks soo cute!

(18 weeks)

(2 days short of 24 weeks)
(One day short of 27 weeks...and now I'm almost 28 weeks!)