Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring is about Here!

Today was a beautiful day! :) At least to me it was...I guess it's been kind of on the verge of rain but it hasn't so that alone makes it beautiful, right?! :) (Ok, so your seeing I REALLY don't like rain!) ;) I ended up going outside earlier today and playing around with the boys. They were having bike races and so I ran in to get my camera to catch some of the action. :) Some of the older boys were busy cleaning up Jordan's mowers and getting him ready for his mowing season. So I bounced back and forth between everyone. :) Then, Kaleb, Isaac and I played BASEBALL! :) It was fun! Isaac and Kaleb are quite the hitters! I had to run out of the way real quick though after I pitched because they liked to line drive it RIGHT at me! :( Well, just wanted to post some of the pics from our day! :)
Goin' Country! :)

The Boys!

He got some air!! :) Pretty exciting!
NO SNOW!!! :) YAY!

Isaac :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is Good! :)

Well I know it must seem like I've completely forsaken this blog, but I haven't! :) We don't have internet in our home any longer so I don't get to the library THAT often and I especially don't blog everytime I come.

Life has been wonderful and I've been feeling incredibly blessed! :) I had the opportunity to shoot at a friends wedding last weekend in Missouri which was nice and some friends of mine from up here went with me, Danyelle and Andy. Danyelle is also a photographer so she helped me out a lot! :) Thanks!! :) If you'd like to see some wedding shots click HERE! :)

It's getting warmer here and I'm loving that also! I really REALLY enjoyed this winter and loved learning to ski, but now that the snow is gone I'm just ready for summer to get here! I'm not a fan of all the wetness we've been having but hopefully it will dry up quick and warm weather will be here to stay! :)

Here's just a few pics from what I've been up to! ;)

Anna Schuler :)

Aaron :)

We were playing Kemps! Aaron and I won!! :)

Jordan Schuler

I must not have wanted my picture taken! LOL