Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is Good! :)

Well I know it must seem like I've completely forsaken this blog, but I haven't! :) We don't have internet in our home any longer so I don't get to the library THAT often and I especially don't blog everytime I come.

Life has been wonderful and I've been feeling incredibly blessed! :) I had the opportunity to shoot at a friends wedding last weekend in Missouri which was nice and some friends of mine from up here went with me, Danyelle and Andy. Danyelle is also a photographer so she helped me out a lot! :) Thanks!! :) If you'd like to see some wedding shots click HERE! :)

It's getting warmer here and I'm loving that also! I really REALLY enjoyed this winter and loved learning to ski, but now that the snow is gone I'm just ready for summer to get here! I'm not a fan of all the wetness we've been having but hopefully it will dry up quick and warm weather will be here to stay! :)

Here's just a few pics from what I've been up to! ;)

Anna Schuler :)

Aaron :)

We were playing Kemps! Aaron and I won!! :)

Jordan Schuler

I must not have wanted my picture taken! LOL



andrew said...

I see a lot of pictures of Aaron in there! He's a pretty awesome guy, isn't he? :)

The Morris Family said...

Dear Danielle, from Mrs. Morris,

gonna be first here I guess! prolly too long for a comment but oh, well!!

I am so happy to see your title "life is good." Having the opportunity to be on the outside looking in and knowing alot of your story, all you have been through, your mom's death, having to endure going through a divorced parents situation, being shuffled to this place and that place, you are now getting to see one of God's great names, Redeemer. He surely is making all things beautiful in his time and "redeeming" your life, your situation and I am so happy for you!!!!!!! I know when you have visited us, deep down you have longed for "family, for routine, for security that nothing else will change, for a solid foundation of a home and now as the Lord is willing, you are going to be blessed with so much your heart has longed for and I am so happy for you!!! I kinda look at your life and see you as a "treasure tucked away in a chest yet being polished through all your trials, your endurings of waiting and many times not knowing what was next, but the Lord knew! He has been polishing you for that special someone and if the Lord is willing, Aaron will get to receive a special treasure, a "princess" that has been a little reserved to love but now ready to fling herself upon one and give freely and to allow herself to be loved and cherished and protected by that figure in many ways you have not had.Its a beautiful site for us on the outside lookin' in!!

Now to Aaron, ( you better let him read this) if the Lord is willing, your gonna get a "good thing." A Princess!! You take this precious treasure and cherish, love, protect and guide in the truths of scripture!!! I have heard many great things about ya, be all the scriptures says and more, by His grace!!

Your mom would be so "proud" of you! For enduring, for seeking and trusting and even in your weakest times of wondering and questioning, you have tried to rest in the Lord. I hope you truly see your great "Redeemer" what a mighty God we serve!! Your kinda like my own so just gotta make sure your "prince charming" knows what a "princess" he is getting, Lord willing!!!

Love ya so much.......

Mrs. Morris

andrew said...

Love the pics Danielle!
Sounds like you have had some great evenings. ;)
Love ya

Anonymous said...

ahhhh so cute :) Zoe

The Ahlgren Family said...

Praying for you Dannie!
We love you lots and are overjoyed for you! You are a beautiful treasure and God has blessings unimaginable in store for you! Rest in the security of His goodness! Romans 8
We're praying for you!