Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not so frequent blogger... :)

Okay, so I had all these great plans to write a long blog post and update you all on what's going on, but I spent my internet time talking to my dear friend Bethany instead. :( Sorry! Maybe she can update for me sometime! :)

I'll say this much....I LOVE it here! I can't imgaine not living with them now. Sometimes it is hard for me to even realize this is real, it's too good to be true in my mind. I love them all so much, they are just a wonderful family! There has been a few things that have happened and it's just been so neat to me to feel a part of a "real" family again. Not that my family wasn't real, but it's like I have my Mom back, I love Dawn just like my own mother and she treats me just like a daughter. When I was sick with a cold (AGAIN) she was so sweet to bring my my vitamins each morning adn then making me my "special" tea 3 times a day for me to drink. It was just so neat to me to see how much she cared for me, and she got me well very fast too! :)

Jordan has been a great brother too! I've always said that I wished I had an older brother living at home with me...well he isn't older than me, but he kind of acts that way...SOMETIMES! ;) It's neat though, because he isn't just like a brother to me, he's a really great friend! :) They all are! :)

Gabrielle is SO much fun! I think she's enjoyed taking my old clothes I don't want anymore and cutting them up and turning them into skirts and things! :) She is quite creative. She's been so sweet to show me how to play different things on the piano also and helping me out with cooking! :)

Christian, who is called "Cupcake" sometimes, is fun too...and funny! :D Except when he chases me around with a chicken in his hand! (Gab too) :P I've been teaching him spanish and he does SO well, an eager learner! :)

Adrian, Isaac, and Kaleb are of course loads of fun too! I never realized I get to have so many brothers!!! Boys are so much fun though! :) I enjoy doing anything with them, reading a book, playing a game, doing our workout class...doing spanish skits! ;)

Are you guys getting the idea here...?? I love them so much!

Also I was kind of worried about what Dawn's daughter Jessica would think of me coming and her husband Jamie. I guess I am still not sure what they think about it, but I love being with them and around them. They are very sweet and Tuesdays when Jess is here it's great! She's sooo sweet! :) Jamie is kind of wild, but fun! ;) :P Just kidding..he's not too bad! ;)

Well, I really should be going. I need to get some spanish done with the kids! Just know, I love it here! I'm so thankful that God brought me this family and has let me live here with them! It's too good to be true it feels like!

Hopefully I can update more soon, with real updates on what we've been doing. My computer isn't hooked up right now to internet, but when we do I can do pics and stuff. :)

Have a great week, month, year..whatever it will be till I blog again! ;)


Bethany said...

So glad you are having such a wonderful time there! I can't wait to meet them all one of these days.

Love you so much,

Mandy C. said...

I'm really happy for you Boss! :) I'm so glad that you're happy and having fun!
Love ya!

Lee family said...

Thank you so much for the compliments. God has shown His awesomeness!! You have been a huge blessing to us!!!! We are greatful that He added you to our family!!
We love you bunches,
dawn (mom)

JessnJamie said...

Well, I am not sure yet either about you being my new surrogate-sister-in law but I guess its....okay. Actually its kind of refreshing to be "wild"....
Your "unsure" surrogate-brother-in-law- Jamie :)

Well, Danielle...umm I am still not sure about him either:)I am so glad God has brought you into our family! I look forward each time I come over getting to know you better! You are so sweet!

theTwins said...

That Really Made me Smile Danielle!
It is Awesome that you are having such a good time.

Danielle said...

Bethany, I can't wait for you to meet them either! :) You'll love them!

Jamie you are hilarious! Surrogate? Is that a word I should know? :D LOL I'm thining I need to extend my vocabulary!...Your surrogate-sister-in-law, Danielle ;)

Jess, your so funny! Thanks for thinking of me as part of your family. :) Love ya!

**Check out my photo blog to see pics from their farm**

Hannah B. said...

Danielle, thanks for posting!! It is so fun to read about your "new" family - they sound like a great crew! :) And PLEEEEEEASE blog before a whole month or year goes by!!! :P

He is faithful,

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear an update Danielle! I thank the Lord so much for giving you such a special family!
Don't have too much fun!!!!

Love and hugs,
Heather (from Oregon)