Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Nanny!

Well most of you already know but I recently agreed to a one week trial period as a live in nanny! SO, that was THIS week! On Monday, Mandy dropped me off at the Bradford's house in O'Fallon. :) I was really quite nervous, because I wasnt sure what to expect. I hadnt ever seen their house but I HAD met the family! :) The first day seemed to go very smoothly. I showed up around lunch time so Hanah pretty much went straight to her nap and then I only had about 2 hours to watch her after that.

The family I am living with is SO nice! I cant go on enough on how sweet Dave and Kim are. (The parents) They have two children, Logan (6) and Hanah (3). Logan is in 1st grade so he goes to school each day. He is a very laid back little boy. Very passive and listens really well. :) He actually reminds me of Lane! Hanah on the other hand, is quite opposite. She is very strong willed and likes to do what SHE wants to do! ;) She is 3 though, I guess I should expect that! :) I'm home with her all day and we are becoming buddies! I've had a few rough times with her, between tantrums and refusing to do things, but she is also very sweet and CUTE!

I wrote out a lesson plan for this "trial" week with Hanah. I wanted to keep our days somewhat structured so she wouldnt be watching Barney all day! So, I got this book called "Name that Bible Character" She is really liking the book. We started out with Adam, and then we did some art projects with Adam. She can now tel you if you ask her that Adam was the first boy, named all the animals and was made in God's image! ;) It's pretty cute. Today we learned about Eve, and made Adam and Eve puppets! I'm hoping to do 2 bible characters a week! She really loves it too!

When I was first told about he job, Kim told me that her husband Dave worked 2 weeks out of each month. He is in the airforce so only has to fly for like 16 days. Well, He just got a call recently that said he will have to go to Afghanistan for 4 months starting in April. So he will be gone a lot more than expected. He is leaving for training in February also. So, I will have Hanah to myself, which is actually best. She behaves a LOT better with her Dad not here!

Well, I better be going...just a little update for you though. I plan on taking this job full time too, for those of you who wondered! :)



Scottie Moser said...

Wow, sounds like things are really going well! Thanks for the update ... I'm looking forward to hearing more as time goes by. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh Danielle! This sounds great! Hope it all continues to go well. It's hard work sometimes (done it myself) but also so fun when you can connect with the children and have a lot of laughs!