Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Dare

Okay, I'm veering off again! :( That post WILL come soon though, okay? The festival winner I mean! :)

So, Bethany decided to change the game up some just to get me back I think! I wasn't even going to do it, and she wanted me to post THIS photo, but :( Oh boy....she had to do a lot of "makin' me feel bad" to get this posted!

It's called "PHOTO DARE"


1. Be brave and post the scariest picture you can find of yourself.
2. Tag one other person, more if you'd like but this is a dangerous game.
3. Go hide in your closet when your done.

I'll definitely be hiding this time! This is one SCARY pic of me! I wont even explain it though!! Beware!!!!!

I will tag
same people as last time! :)


Bethany said...

YOU DID IT!!! :shock: WOW!! I can't believe my eyes!! :D :D Good job Dannie-girl, I am REALLY proud of you. :) Did it just for me didn't you? :P

I must say though....that's some major hair! :D

Love you tons!

crik said...

LOL Love it! ;)

Jeremiah said...

Ok, so you post this picture of you and a bad hair day, yet you still want Nathaniel to remove the perfectly fine picture I took of you at the Academy?!

What has this world come to!


Danielle said...

Jeremiah you are hilarious!!!!! Yes, I am in SHOCK that I posted this picture....I must have lost my mind, BUT at least this is publically stated the WORST pic of me!! That one that you took is bad but posted like it's a pic I like! :D :D :D

Besh, You cant believe your eyes?? C'mon after all that guilt I had to do it!! ;) Just for you though, your right! :)

Maggie Burnett said...

that's sOOOOOOO funny Dannie!!!!
Its funny to see your's and Besh's pics...and other peoples!

Anonymous said...

Nice :)


Danielle said...

What did I do Besh? :( This is SOOO embarrasing!

Bethany said...

You just posted a really cute picture and didn't realize it!! :D :D

It'll be okay Dannie, don't worry. :)

Love you,

Carinna :) said...

That is a VERY funny picture Dannie.

Anonymous said...

Hey- you look GREAT compared to me under similiar circumstances! LOL