Monday, April 20, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MaNdY!

Happy Birth...Day To you! Happy Birth...Day To You...tooo yoooouuu! Happy Birth...Day...Dear........Maaaaaaannnnnnnnddddddyyyyyy
....1, 2, 3, Happy Birth...Day To You...Happy Birthday! ;)
Well this will be the very first birthday I have not spent with Mandy. I'll be honest it feels VERY weird not being with her on her birthday but she knows that I am thinking of her ALL day and praying for her as the day goes on. We were txting last night back and forth and she let me know that she was just having a hard time with this birthday. Not that I am some important person in her life, but not only is she missing my Mom this birthday but I am not there either. It was weird, because last night I was struggling too with just missing my Mom and feeling strange that I wouldn't be there for Mandy's birthday. I got to thinking of my life growing up and how much that Mandy and I did together. I think when we were younger we were about inseperable. BEST BUDS! I know that doesn't always last, we grow up and change but Mandy I want you to know that no matter WHAT happens, if I move to Alaska and your in Hawaii or if you change to be a completely different person, I will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS love you, not matter what!
I'm so thankful for the love God has shown me and that I can love you and my other family with this unconditional love.
So, Mandy even though I can't be there with you today, pretend I am, and that I'm celebrating right along with you. And look at these pictures no matter if we are 2, 8, 12, 19, 21....we will always be close and best friends! I love you so much Mandy!Happy Birthday!
(Did you catch the tune to the b-day song at the beginning?) ;)


Mandy M said...

Thanks Danielle! I love you.
No I didn't catch the song at first... I was thinking... "Since when is Hbday sung like this??" haha and then when you mentioned it, I went back up and then was like "OH YEAH!"

Happy to you.
Happy to you (too you)
Happy dear Daddyyyyyy... (clap clap)
Happy to you... (to you)
Too you (too you)
Too youuuuuuu Dadddddyyyyy.... (happy Birthday)


I think you should leave a message on my answering machine with the song. It's much better when it's sung out!
Thanks for the post. Love the pictures!

Mandy M said...

Wait that sounded bad! It's awesome when it's typed out... I love it.

But it would be cool to have a copy saved on my phone too! :-)

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!! Hope your day is GREAT! :)


theTwins said...


crik said...

Happy Birthday! :):):)

(loved all the "little" pictures! )

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I read your blog sometimes. I am the "old lady" that is friends with the Morris family. I just wanted to comment today because of what you said to Mandy. It is so very rare to see such committment to anyone this day and time that we live in. I like the way you said you would always love her NO MATTER WHAT! You went into detail about different circumstances that would not change that love. Anyway, I a blessed tonight after reading your blog. Thanks for it. I love my sisters too very much. You are right, true love is unconditional.
Love, Ann