Monday, June 27, 2011

Less than 6 weeks left....

Just have a few pictures to post, but once again thought I'd update you all! We are getting SOOO excited to have this baby here! We started taking bets on what the gender will be, the weight and the date of birth! :) We'll see who gets the closest! For fun, leave a comment with your guess as well! :) I'm due the 6th, just so you don't have to do the math. Boy? Girl? July 27th or Aug. 11th? 6 lbs or 15 lbs? LOL (Let's hope not 15 lbs!!) :D

The nursery is JUST about all put together!! Crib is done, room is painted, just waiting to get the bedding washed and put on the mattress.

My sister threw me a baby shower a couple weeks ago in Missouri also, which was WONDERFUL!! Thank you Mandy! :) We got tons of nice things, we are so blessed! One of the things we got was a bassinet, so that is up as well and ready to be put in our room!! :) Can you tell we are excited?!

Okay here's the pics now! :)

30 weeks
34 weeks...getting HUGE! :)

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Besh said...

Wow Dannie girl I didn't realize you still updated this blog! I am soooo excited for ya'll, can't wait until that little baby gets here!!

This blog brings back lots of memories, God has done so much the past few years, He is so faithful!

Love you tons!
Besh :)