Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Finally, it's 2007! This was always supposed to be my year, or so I thought. When I was in public school, I was supposed to graduate in 2007, so I've always known it as my year. Now, that has all changed. I call it my Mom's year! (And of course, Mandy, she will graduate also!) I'm pretty excited to see what this year brings. I was telling David last night that my Mom will either die or live this year...and that's scary. But not long after thinking that I realized it is the same for all of us. I could have died last night, I could die today, or in 3 years. None of us are guaranteed our next breath. Are we all ready to meet our maker? Are things in our lives the way we want to leave them? If the next face you saw was the face of Jesus Christ would you be ready?

Since this year is special to me, we did stay up until midnight to celebrate! We had our crackers and cheese and then our sparkling grape juice. (It's a tradition!) We also had lots of other food, but we were all so full. At midnight we took some pictures and then went to bed--we were wiped out!



Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing so honestly.
Every blessing to you and your family
Maria in the UK

Santi said...

i have read your whole blog today, and what a story, The Lord has really been working in your life and that of many around you since the begining of your mom's illness. i'll be keeping her in my prayers. i know the mom of a friend of mine, who was diagnosed with cancer and gave her a year, and after 9 years the Lord still keeps her alive as a living sample to everyone that meets her. doctors don't have any answers to this. it is a complete miracle. another proof that miracles do still happen. who said that God is dead? :D
i would also love to keep in contact with you to talk or chat, and share things about Jesus, God, and spiritual things. please, write me to