Friday, April 20, 2007

Mandy's 17th Birthday!

Mandy….just 5 little letters, but they mean so much to me. Not only is Mandy a great sister, but she is my best friend! I have had the privileged to watch her grow into such a beautiful woman of God. I am very blessed to have her!Since it is Mandy’s birthday, I’ll talk a little bit about her…Mandy has always been the clown in our family. Whenever you are sad, or angry, she brings you right out of that mood, unless of course, she put you in that mood! ☺ Some things that Mandy will say to me, to get me out of my mood would be, “BJ, BJ, where are you?” and “Don’t tell me, tell the judge!” I’m not sure how she came up with the judge one, but it’s so funny to me, so she knows she can get me to laugh. She also loves to play jokes, and she is good at it. I can’t tell you how many times she has played tricks on me and I’ve believed them…Mandy, does Israel S. ring a bell??? Or Jehred Clott???? These are just a few of her jokes. She also comes up with the weirdest nicknames…boot, dan clott, dean, mandooshka, the terror, ah…there’s more. ☺Mandy is also one of the most talented people I know…anything she tries, she can do. I have to work at what I’m good at, but Mandy can just sit down to a piano and play, or pick up the mandolin and play. Or she’ll decide that she wants to draw, she gets her pad of paper, and ends up with a portrait of someone…God has truly blessed her with so many talents.
(best friends)
Out of all these things though, what impresses me most about Mandy is her relationship with Jesus. In the last 3 months, I’ve seen her grow tremendously. I’ll share one particular story that she shared with me. First you will have to know, that both Mandy and I struggle so much with the song, It Is Well With My Soul, so on Sunday’s when it’s sung, we usually just leave or, I’ll close my eyes and cry. But while I was gone, Mandy and David went to a singing, and guess what? Someone requested that song…Mandy told me that it was great for her, because it was late and when the song came on, she got up and went outside. She said being out there and crying out to the Lord was neat. She knows why we still have to hear that song, because it’s a reminder who to turn to. It amazed me when Mandy told me that story, she didn’t use to share things like that with me.
I guess to sum all this up, all I can say is that Mandy is an amazing person! I’m so glad that she is my sister, and my friend. I hope you all can get to know Mandy the way I do.

Happy Birthday Mandy! I love you!



Santi said...

WOW! she really sounds awesome :) GBH for beeing such a nice sister to you and beeing a testimony and show of the Lord's happyness and joy :)
i do would like to know her more ;)

caleb gage said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! ;)

Celeste said...

Happy birthday from me too. :)