Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finally...a Post!

The past two months have been so busy and crazy and I have had no time to write and update…I apologize.

Before my Mom died, she had a list of 4 things she wanted to see…none of them got done. One of the things was to see our movie done. When I had first heard this I told my Mom, No….I told her it was too hard and too close to real life…but I guess it didn’t stop us. My Mom believed that this movie would change lives, and we out of faith did it for that reason and for her!
(I had tons of makeup on here to look sick!)

In May, Sage, John and Caleb Naylor all came up to stay with us for 2 weeks to film the movie. It was such a neat time for all of us. I saw God work in ways that I couldn’t believe. I guess I could give a few examples… (The Logan Family)
(John, our DP)
One night after filming at a restaurant we came home to import the footage and it was all gone from the day. We couldn’t believe it. Right away I stressed out and wondered what we would do, but Sage suggested we pray….Now why didn’t I think of that? So, we did and then believing God could bring it back, we left it alone and went to play volleyball. After finishing we decided to try re-importing and guess what? It was there! It was a miracle to us…later on after the Naylors left, John told us that he was going back over footage at home and it was gone again. God just had to get us to the point to trust him for everything.
(Mandy, filming at the graveyard)
Also, one day we were filming in the Hospital wehre my Mom was actually at…the Hospital Mandy and I hated, since they found the tumors. Anyway…so the Hospital contacted the media to let them know our story. So come filming day, News Channel 11 and the Suburban Journal came to interview us. We were excited because it seemed like a chance for us to glorify God through what we said and did. (Channel 11 filming)
It was also very hard though, bringing up past memories of my Mom and her being sick. But since this, another man came to interview us from the St. Louis Post Dispatch and he wrote an incredible story! God was most glorified! Also a week later, we got an email from the reporter from the Suburban Journal. She went into detail how her Dad also died of cancer, a year before my Mom was diagnosed and that since then she was searching for God. She told us she had been staying away from cancer stories, but hearing about ours, she knew she had to do it. She then went on to say that she accredits our story to being one of the things that brought her to accepting Jesus is her heart! Praise God! He is so good and just faithful to do his will. We are excited to see this movie touching lives, even our own.(John and I being weird...I had the apron on for a scene...not sure why he has one on)

So, now we are on to the editing. It’s lots of fun, but also so many struggles come up. The first few days for me were rough. I would spend 8 or 9 hours just on a 2 min. trailer. Then after finishing it, I was told that it needed a LOT of work! ☺ I then was completely stressed out and it turned into me getting the glory for this and not God… David had me stop editing for the whole week. I was really upset at first, but it was good for me. I had time to re focus and and realize again why we are making the movie. After that happened, Mandy and I got the rough cut done very fast….I say Mandy and I did, but in reality God did! ☺
(News reporters for DJMC7 news...)
In the last 2 months along with this movie, our family has been going through a lot. Things I wouldn’t want to deal with, but I’m living in reality so I have to. When you have a family of 4 and one leaves, naturally you will be weaker, but I am surprised at how strong God has kept us together…Satan is working hard though to tear down our family. I am continually praying that we all resist the temptation and focus on our goal! It’s not easy though…at least for me.

There is so much going on. I have quite a few situations I am praying about….I am not sure what I’m supposed to do in a year from now or in 6 months, but I’m praying God would direct my steps and give me wisdom to know his will. And to also give David wisdom to know what God’s will is for our lives.

While going through all the trails in the last weeks, I started to write a song. It’s pretty corny, but it somewhat explains what’s been going on. ☺ I think of Mrs. Naylor and Sage whenever I play it. They have been an encouragement to me…

Vs. 1
Nighttime seems to last forever, the storm doesn’t want to pass
Winter lingers for eternity, but Lord will it really last?
You’ve promised to bring the morning, and the calmness of the sea
Spring is here and in full bloom, Be glorified in me!

Be Lord of my Life, a stronghold in the trouble
A rock that I can stand firm with, a beacon to shine
What if your people hide, when things get rough and dark
But I need to be the light they see, be Lord of my Life

Vs. 2-
It’s hard to find contentment when life takes a turn
The joy you had is stripped away and pity creeps on in
We’ve heard the words, “This to shall pass, I’ll never leave you”
Stretching out his arms he said, “I’ve been there too!”


Can we rest while life is shaken, and trust He’ll get us through
Take joy in knowing your not alone, Jesus is always with you.

Well, I’m sorry this is such a long post….that’s what happens I guess when you don’t update for 2 months! ☺

Love in Him,
(Most of the cast and crew)


Patti Carter said...

Hi Danielle
We haven't spoken for a while. I have been catching up on your posts though and as always, I am struck by your maturity, your love for God, and your beautiful heart. I wish there was some profound thing I could say to ease the pain you feel or that at least we lived close by so that we felt like we could be of some help to you. I do believe that your mom is with you, a part of you, guiding you, watching over you, and dancing with joy because of the love that her children have for God and the comfort they provide to others and to each other. Keep doing what you are doing. He will show you the way in good time. We love you, Patti C

Hannah said...

Wow! It sounds like God has been glorified already through your film making. I'm excited to see what He'll do.
I think I've met some of the Naylor family before at a previewing of one of their films. What a small world!