Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quick Update!

When life seems like it can't get any crazier or worse, God has a way of showing us just how wrong we are. Actually, I shouldn't say worse, it's probably our outlook on it, to determine if it's worse or not, but definately crazy!

Since my Mom died, I figured by now our lives would start turning in the right direction, things would become clear and I'd somehow see the good from her death and understand more things...It's been almost one year to day that my Mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and my world is more upside down now, than it was 4 months ago. I know God has a plan for my messed up life, just right now, it's hard for me to see it. I'm continually having to re-focus and trust that the Lord is ultimately in control and has a plan for my life. And that through each of these trials I go through I have two options, to become better or become bitter. Which is it? It's my choice, and from now on, I'm choosing to grow in the become better! I need your prayers though.

Just a quick update...Mandy and I are now living with my Dad and family. It's only been a week but I think this will be a good home for us. My Dad loves us very much and I'm just learning all of this now, being almost 19 years old.

Oh, one more quick thing!!! Mandy and I have submitted our movie, Dancing With Angels, to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Praise God that he allowed us to finish, just in time! We just got an email from someone letting us know that they have received the film and would let us know by September 15th, if we made it or not...please pray about this too...we want God's will for this film, not our own!

In Him,

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