Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not Much News...

Well most of you may know we had the screening for ILLEGAL HOPE this past Sunday. It was once again another one of those bittersweet things. I think I cried more this time seeing it than any other time. Before the film actually showed I was so sick to my stomach. It wasn't like that at the other showing, I think I was so nervous because a lot of my friends who had never met my Mom were there and then also those who DID know my Mom got to see her again. I was scared of what people might think after seeing the film and then also what they'd think of ME. I know this is silly, but that's the reasons for feeling sick. The screening went okay though and I think people liked the film. It's not a movie that you get up from though and say "Oh, that's great!" It's rather depressing and sad, but it's's what really happened. And I think more than anything, this film shows a lot of what my family went through.

Before the showing I had a wonderful weekend. Sage and Tera drove up from Oklahoma on Friday so we had the WHOLE weekend to spend with them!! :) On Friday night we stayed at the Hunt's house and barely got any sleep! :) Collyn and I stayed up till 4:00 am talking. Then on Saturday a big group of us went miniature golfing and to lunch! It was lots of fun...I'm no golfer though, that's for sure. I did FINALLY get one hole in one though on my last hole!! :) I was pretty excited! One of the guys I was with though, got like THREE hole in ones! ;) So then after that Sage, Tera, Mandy and I all went to our hotel. :) We had planned for Sage's birthday that we would take her to a hotel just for fun. Well her birthday was months ago, but this was our first chance!!! It ended up being SOOOO much fun! It was just us girls that whole evening. We went to dinner first, then went shopping for a little while and got some snacks and stuff. Then when we got back to the room, Sage did all of our hair in lots of curls! ;) And then Tera did Sage's hair. We were practicing for the next day, although none of us wore our hair that way! :P It was fun though. I was GOING to swim, but it ended up being too late so the pool was closed, too bad. Instead I went back and laid down and we all watched a movie! :)

Then Sunday was the big day...! The Bluedorns (Hans and Helena) were expected to arrive in at 11 something, so we went back to the house and everyone but me went to meet them. :) They went from there to Applebees to wait on me. I was waiting for BETHANY, ANNA, and MR.MORRIS!!! (Didn't know they were coming, did ya?) :D They ended up coming around 1:00 which was perfect, I had just enough time to get things ready and hold Luke for a long time! :) So we did introductions quick with my family and then we were off again! We met everyone at Applebees for lunch and then got some coffee afterwards. :) It was a lot of fun and SO great seeing everyone. Everything went great, aside from a FEW skirt technicalities. ;)

After the showing we all went out to dinner and then back to the Hunt's home. Their family is Such a blessing to Mandy and me. They are the epitome of hospitality. Not sure how many of us were there that night, but we played Empire, Spoons, guitar...umm..what else? :) Oh, 4 on a couch too! It was a lot of fun! The Morris' were planning on leaving at 6 am the next morning and I had to leave by 7:00 to get to work, SO we just decided to stay up ALL NIGHT! We ended up talking from about 3:00 am to 5:00 and then I just lost it, I could NOT keep my eyes open any longer. So I think at about 5:00, Besh and I fell asleep on the couch! :D Not sure if Anna got any pictures or not, if so I'm sure they look PRETTY interesting! :D ;) I was just SO wiped out. We slept for an hour and then had to get up. I was so tired and SO sad that I had to say goodbye to them. I left shortly after they did to be back at Kim's house in time. Monday was one hard day though. I was extremely tired and by 8:00 pm that night I could keep my eyes open NO longer. I left work early to go home and sleep! ;) I had a really nice day though hanging out one last time with Sage, Tera, Hans, and Helena. We all went to lunch at Magpies in St. Charles and then walked down by all the shops. Sad also saying good bye to them, hopefully we'll see eachother all again.

Mandy and I realized we have some of the greatest friends! It meant SO much to us that you all came up for the screening. We realize you never met our Mom but we wish so much that you could have. She would have loved you all! Thank you for being there for us!

Well, not too much has happened since then...check out my OTHER blog if you want to see my latest purchase! :) That was yesterday! :D

I've got a full weekend ahead of me with watching kids! Kim is going out of town tonight and so Ill be watching the kids until late Sunday evening. Which means I wont be going home at all :( but I think Lane is going to come spend the night one or two nights with me and then Mandy should be here each night to just have someone here with me. I'm trying to think of something fun to do on Saturday with all the kids, hopefully I'll think of something soon. :)

Well guess that is pretty much all my news. Hope your all having a nice week!

(PICTURES COURTESY OF ANNA, pronounced "ahna" :D) Oh, notice that I look WAY super tired! :D


ANna :) said...

Excuse me Danielle, but that is NOT the way you say my name. :D :) Of course you had to put THAT on here... :D :D
It must be a Missouri thing 'cause I never get called that here in OK! :)
Glad we got to come up and see ya...and all your friends! Sure was fun...

ANna :)

Bethany said...

I had such a great time Dannie...SO much fun. :) LOL those skirt "technicalities" were just TOO funny though. :P :D

Really enjoyed seeing the movie as well, it was really good.

Miss you lots, and love you SO much!

Hannah said...

Looks like y'all had a super blessed time! Fellowship with other believers is one of the greatest and amazing things!!

I can only imagine what "skirt technicalities" means.....;D

(Would they call me 'HONNAH' in MO???)

~Hannah B.