Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just Wondering...

Lately I've had a lot on my mind about standards and peoples reactions when confronted with an area that needs to be changed. After reading a blog post that a friend posted I've REALLY been thinking about it. I'll give you a little scenario to show you what I mean. (This will sound absurd, but you'll understand)

Jane- Hey Joe, is Katie a Christian?

Joe- Yup! :)

Jane- Oh okay, Hmm...well, I know she steals all the time, it's blatant.

Joe- Oh yea, well, I don't think stealing is right, but you know we are all in different areas and she just has different standards than us.

Jane- Umm, okay.

Alright, I know that is silly and unrealistic, but the thing is, I HAVE had many conversations like this just with some other issues, but just as black and white. How can we have different standards when there is only ONE standard, the Bible? I understand that people have interpreted things differently, that's going to happen, but when a verse says, "Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed; then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety." 1 (Timothy 2:11-15) How can we read that and then believe it's alright for women to be ruling our country?? Or to be pastors of our churches? I'm sure this is going to cause some of you to get upset, but please really think about it. How can we read God's word, and a verse that so simply spells it out for us and then say, "we just have different standards" I'm afraid there are many of us who just want to pick and choose what we believe from the Bible. I AM INCLUDED IN THIS! It's sad, but true. There are areas in my life that I just don't want to change, so I use the excuse, "I'm not there yet" or something like that, but the truth is, I NEED to be there! We should be growing and changing each day to become more like Christ. I urge you all to read your bibles and find the true standard.


This week I've been doing something hard....when my Mom was sick I would write email updates each night on her progress or...not progress. :( I wrote from August to February and this was the first time since writing them that I've gone back through them all. It was very very painful for me but necessary. It hurt a lot, but I'm very glad I did it because there were so many things that had happened I just slipped from my mind. A lot of good memories or special little things I had forgotten. I've organized all these emails, not knowing what I'll do with them, but Lord willing, one day I'll do something. Someone mentioned to me while I was writing all the emails to do a book, and I just refused, there was no way then I would write about all of this and I still am not sure I'd ever do anything like that, but I'm seeking the Lord's will to see if He would have me to do anything with them.

Other than that, there isn't too much going on. Back at my nanny job and working on lesson planning. This week Hanah and I are having "Creation Week" We are studying just the first chapter of Genesis and each day talking about something God created. Its been fun! Tomorrow we are heading back to my house to spend the day with Lane. He has a half day of school, so I'm going to take them to lunch then for ice cream and then possibly to a park, IF it's warm out...it's been super chilly here lately. :( OH...and then SAGE is coming here this Friday so I'm SO SO SO excited!!! We are having the screening for ILLEGAL HOPE here in Missouri this coming Sunday, the 14th. Anyone is invited!! :) I'll be missing you tons Besh!

Guess that's all my news! Have a great week!


Bethany said...

Very well said Dannie...something to think about for sure.

I was going to comment earlier and say I would be missing you too...but hey! Lord willing we won't be missing each other! :) Can't wait!

Love you,

Danielle said...

I am SOO SUPER EXCITED you'll be here Besh!!! WEll, Lord willing, I will see you and Anna!!! YAY!!!! :) Can you tell I'm just a TAD happy? :D

Love you!

Lora said...

Hey, Danielle -- keep asking questions -- it's good for getting grounded. In light of the first part of your post, you might find this interesting.

On the second part, I'd say that you're keeping on keeping on -- going through those emails is a good step in your grieving and healing process. Wish I could be a little closer! Luv ya!

The Hemmers said...

It is hard sometimes to review things we have written down in the past. But it also is a good way to see how God works.