Saturday, August 30, 2008


Due to not much time and lots of other things to write about I won't be able to write too much about my trip to California. It was a wonderful trip and I wish I could have stayed much longer, but couldn't. :( Also...I didn't get ANY pictures which is so sad, but thanks to some friends I have a few to post from the premiere.

Well first off, we went to CA and the first day there we went to Disneyland and to an Angel's baseball game! It was so much fun! I loved Disneyland and California Adventures. Since my bday was around that time, they gave me a big bday button to wear so I had MANY b-day
wishes from the staff there! :P
So then Saturday, was the big day! Mandy and I went early with David Ingrassano to pass out little postcards with information on them and helped get some things ready for the premiere. It was such an exciting day for us. We both went to get our hair done and both ended up hating it! lol I guess CA is into the "big hair" and I'm SO not into it! ;) I have one VERY embarrassing pic I could post, but I'll save myself the embarrassment! So anyway, then it was time for the big showing. A little before hand Zack Lawrence and his fiance Natalie came with her family and Nathan Daher and his family showed up. We had it planned that the 4 of us (Mandy, Zack, Nathan and I) would join forces and make one youtube video. :) So, we filmed that just a little before the reception started and had a blast. Zack actually just finished today editing it, so it's
now available to see! If you haven't seen any of our other youtube video's though, it might not make TOO much sense! ;)

So, then it was time for the showing! I of course was super nervous but also anxious to see the film myself. Mandy and I sat up really high in the theater hoping no one would hear us cry that way. Our plan DIDN'T work! ;) There were many parts in the film that I "lost" it. Not just a little cry but sobbing, because I had forgotten I what I said at the time, and going back to seeing all of it on footage and one point me saying, "If my Mom dies, I won't be mad at God, but I'll be really confused" It's weird seeing that now, because it's so true. I thought for sure she would be healed and I by reading the bible, I felt like in scripture I could be assured of her healing, so that's why I was left confused. :( And to be honest, I am still confused....

Well, after the showing they had a panel on stage for a Q&A time. Many people asked questions to David and Dr. Donsbach. Thankfully I was only asked one or two they made it easy for me! :)

I think the most rewarding thing about having this movie done is that others are able to see and "get to know" my Mom. I was so worried at first that others will just see my sick Mom and not the real treasure and blessing she was. But, I was wrong...I had several people come up to me after the movie and explain that my Mom's testimony through the film was an encouragement and blessing to them and that they could see my WELL Mom in there. :) I had one person write and say, "I wish I could have met your mom, just from the little I saw in the movie, it seems like she really loved people, and was a real bright spot in the midst of whatever situation she was in." This person didn't even know my Mom and it was SUCH a blessing to read this and see that even though he didn't know her, this was evident in the film. :) Praise God!

Well also I wanted to say that Mandy and I are SOOO thankful to Frank and Patti Carter, our aunt and uncle. They had us stay with them in CA and took us to the game and to Disneyland and then did whatever we needed for the premiere, they were such a blessing! WE wish so much they lived closer to us and we could spend more time with them! Love you guys! :)

(pictures by Nathan Daher...thanks!)


Scottie Moser said...

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Everything good that happens to you is directly from God. Every good experience you have is a gift from God. And when you have something good and lose it, that doesn't mean you weren't meant to have it, because God never changes. And it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong.

It means that the gift was temporary, for you to enjoy for a time, and that now you need to move on and find what else He has in store for you. His plans are often at odds with our own plans, but the future He has for us — in this life as well as the life to come — is far more wonderful than we can possibly imagine.

Lora said...

Hey, Danielle! The video was hilarious -- lol on you two trying to be "rap stars" :-P. I would love to see Illegal Hope myself sometime. Hope I get the chance!

Nathan D. said...

Hey Danielle, it was great seeing your amazing film, and meeting you guys too. Thanks for the invite! It was a lot of fun making our little "video" too.

You're right, the true person your mom was really shone through in the movie, it was really neat being able to "be a part" of her life before it changed. Thanks for being vulnerable!

Danielle said...

Thanks guys. :)

Lora, I hope SO much you can be here this SUnday to see the movie. :) I miss you lots! :)

Nathan, I'm so glad that you really did like the movie. Thanks so much for coming and like I said before, it was great meeting you as well.

I'm so glad you were able to "get to know" my Mom through the film, sick or not sick, it's neat for me to have friends be able to see this and know her. :)

Thanks for the comments. :)