Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well it's a rainy day today and I really have so much to get done but I wanted to get this blog post in before I leave on my trip. :) Last week while at Addie's house (the neighbor I help) I noticed there were 6 kittens! They all looked so cute so after I was done working, some of us kids went back over to play with them and get some pictures!! Immediately Gabrielle, Isaac and I clamed which ones were ours. :) There were actually two sets of kittens. The white ones and then the tiger looking ones and the grey one. (We claimed those ones) I had the smallest tiger looking one and her name was Whiskers, and Isaac named his Buttons and then I don't know if Gab named hers. She got the ugly looking one because his eyes were all glued shut sort of. :( She doctored him up though and I think he's looking more normal! I'm glad I got the pictures when I did though because Addie's daughter took home the 3 white ones since the Mom wasn't around. They were so so cute! I got a few pictures though, so hope you enjoy! I'm not even an animal person and especially a CAT person, but these kittens were adorable!!!!
(Does it look like I'm squishing her?)(Isaac and Buttons)
(Gabrielle and Mr. Gross Eyes)(This is Whiskers...she was SO cute and relaxed, the only kitten to lay on it's back)
(Yours truly...Whiskers!)

So anyway....tonight is my last night here for awhile. I leave for MO tomorrow and will be there until Tuesday. Then from there I will fly to OK to visit my friends! :) Bethany will be turning 20 so I get to go and celebrate with her! She's having a beach party so that should be TONS of fun!!!! :) I'm having fun just preparing for it! ;)

It sure will seem weird being gone from everyone. But I think they are ready for the break! I am looking forward to seeing my sisters and friends though too! :) I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about when I get back home.


Natty said...

Aww!! The kittens are so cute :) I love kittens. Great pictures of you too Danielle!! :-)

crik said...

Cute kittens! They are sooo adorable!

Very funny by the way I know the Lees will never get tired of you! I'll miss you while your gone but so long as you have a good time and stay out of trouble ;) I suppose I'll forgive you for leaving me! :)

Bethany said...

Aww, they are cute!! :D And cute pics of you too, although I can definitely say I'm beating you in the tanning contest!!:) Don't worry though, we'll get you fixed up once your here in this OK heat. Can't wait to see you!!

Love you!

Lee family said...

pictures are so cute!!
We know that it is you dying for the break, but it is ok to try to make it sound better by saying it is us :)
We hope that your trip is a great get away for you,
and that you will miss us a little :)
We will miss you tons!!!
We love you more than you can understand!,
your family

theTwins said...

Well Danielle, I'm not a cat person either, but those kittens are precious! Made me want to hold one!
We'll miss you while you're gone,
but hope you have a wonderful time!

JessnJamie said...

I love the pictures! Did you mean to say that 'you' need a break? lol I will miss you! It will be weird to tease Jordan by myself for awhile! Have a fun time though and take lots of pictures!

JessnJamie said...

Great pics Dannie. Hope you have a great trip, and a break from us. I will pray that you won't get into too much trouble. Love you!

Maggie Burnett said...

those kittens are adorable! I REALLY like the one's that are white and gray!! SO CUTE!!
~ Maggie

The Cochran's said...

Hi Danielle!
I so enjoyed being able to finally meet you yesterday. I enjoyed visiting with you too and am looking forward to the next time!

Those kittens are really cute!!! :)

God Bless You!