Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today I was doing my most favorite thing...canning....YEA RIGHT! :D Let's just say that canning is NOT on my list of "likes" but it's something that has to be done and I need to learn to like it. So, yea...I'm still working on that! ;) I had a pretty bad attitutude about it earlier today though and finally had to just change my thinking and it became fun today working with Mom making the salsa and cutting up the tomatoes and peppers. God gave me a little "smile" today too, so that 'kept me goin' :) Isn't God GOOD! :)
(Just so you know, I did NOT do anything to this pepper...this is how it looked when I opened it up! That'd cheer anyone up, right? :) Thanks God!)


theTwins said...


Bethany said...

Wow that's so neat!!

theTwins said...

That is like Creepy/Cool!

Lee family said...

God is so wonderful! He blesses us with a good harvest! We will so enjoy it all this winter! I enjoy when I have the children to help me, it makes for good fellowship together.
Loved our time in the kitchen today!
Am so glad that God gave you smiles for your better outlook on canning.
Thank you God for helping to change her heart to happy thoughts.
love you my country princess

Natty said...

Yes, sometimes canning can be drudgery, but in the winter time you will really appreciate all that good canned food :) By the way, that pepper is really cool!!

Hannah B. said...

I love the smile!! One time God gave me a heart-shaped bagel. ;)