Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Princess Party!

I can't begin to tell you what an amazing day I had yesterday! :) My family definitely gave me the "royal" treatment! :) On Monday they made me go to bed by 11:00 telling me that even princesses have bedtimes! ;) I had no idea they were going to stay up and DECORATE! :) Tuesday morning was perfect though. They had me close my eyes as I came down the stairs to find the prettiest dining room ever! :) They had used pink sheer fabric around the windows and doors with white lights in it to make a very "pretty" soft look to it.

There were flower petals all over the floor and heart swirly things from the ceiling fan. Floating candles in a clear bowl with pink water and sparkley confetti stuff on the table! Just PERFECT! Mom did an amazing job sewing all the dresses and outfits for the boys! She really outdid herself on this! I am definitely not worth all that she did for me to make my day extra special! We had a fun time getting ready for the party and then around 1:30 or so we started it! :)
(The head piece is NOT part of the outfit!)
(Dad and Me)
(The girls with Dad)
Mom with the help of Gabrielle and Jess I think made a delicious mexican meal! (my favorite!) Dad had to leave quick after eating for work so we did gifts real quick right there! :) Some were uh...umm...quite embarrassing! (Some pics I just CANT post) They were funny though, and well...I think it was JAMIE'S idea! :D My family got me very nice things though and one in particular was a scrapbook for the party. Mom got all different stickers and things for it! So we got quite a few pictures to fill the book! :) Oh, and Mom made me a shirt! I thought she had bought it cause it looked SO good, but she didnt! It's perfect though! ;)(Can anyone guess who I got this from?..JESS AND JAMIE)
(the gift....ahh!)
After gifts we had a "funny" time dancing! :D None of us really know what we are doing when it comes to that, but we tried anyway! :D Christian was somewhat willing to learn but Jordan just liked to twirl me around as fast as he could and get me SO dizzy! Mom was even getting into it! ;)
(Mom, Me and Gabrielle)

So after dancing we had cake, oooooh So good! Mom made a heart shaped cake but it was chocolate with reeses peanut butter cups in it!!! DELICIOUS!!! :)

After eating we took some cake to our neighbors, Dale and Addie. Addie is very sick but I had promised her that we'd go over in our outfits to show her. I'm not even sure she remembered me, but she definitely knows Mom, so it was a treat I think for her to see everyone so dressed up...or those who STAYED in their outfits! :P We had decided that it'd only be fitting to watch a princess movie that night so ALL dressed up we went to the movie store in town to pick out one! :D We got quite the looks but the girl there was really nice to us, maybe she thought we were royalty! Jordan was too embarrassed of us though, so he stayed in the van. :D

(This was at looked SO pretty!)
When we got home I changed out of my dress and got to do what I love most, well almost most...RIDING! :) Jordan took Gabrielle and I riding for a couple hours. I'm seriously thinking it's my new favorite thing to do! Can't even describe how much I love galloping through the farmers field, seems like the whole world is disappearing and its just me and my horse! :) LOVE IT! :)
Anyway....on to the party! :) We finished the night by watching "Princess Protection Program" Surprisingly it was pretty good! :) If my family reads this...Thanks SO much for the wonderful birthday! :) And for treating me like a princess! :) Love you all!(This is Mom's great grandma's necklace that she let me wear)


Eliya said...

I'm glad you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a great family you have. Looks like you all had lots of fun!

Besh said...

Looks like such a fun party!! You are such a beautiful princess inside and out Dannie dear, and a country one to boot!! :)

Love you!

crik said...

What great pictures and what a fun party! Your family did a great job! :) You were (are) such a beautiful princess!
Thanks for posting pics! :D

Hannah Burnett said...

What a GORGEOUS party!!! I love the 'country princess' idea. :)

The Cochran's said...

Happy Birthday Danielle!!! I'm glad that you had such a wonderful day. What a beautiful party!!! I love your dress too! May our dear Lord bless and keep you always!

Savannah Cochran

Maggie B. said...

how fun!!! Happy B-day! that looks so pretty!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Wow! Looks like a very fun party! And "the gift" has lovely colors! :) What a hoot! Your dress is lovely and a really good color on you and the cake is absolutely gorgeous too! Happy Birthday!

Natty said...

Well, I just got around to reading this, but I am going to leave a comment anyway! Happy Belated Birthday!! It looks like you had a wonderful time! Your dress was SO pretty on you :-) You look great in blue. I'm so glad you had a good day. Hope your year is filled with joy!