Friday, August 07, 2009


Today is my baby brother's first birthday! :) I know I don't usually post too much on siblings birthdays but it being his first I thought I'd at least update you all with a few photos. :) Luke has been such a blessing to everyone in the family. What a little bundle of joy he is. It's hard to believe he is one, but at the same time it seems like it's been FOREVER since we were at the hospital with him being born. I guess just so much has happened since then! :) I'm so thankful to God though he gave me Luke to be my brother. I just love him so much! Love you Luke!


Maggie Burnett said...

HOW ADORABLE!! I remember when you told us he was BORN,I can't believe he is 1 already!! Happy B-day Luke!!
wow! he is so cute!

theTwins said...

Happy Birthday Luke!
I'm glad you posted pictures!

( : DavidandKate : ) said...

His eyes are HUGE and cute! What a blessing!

Anna said...

Oh my, He's *so* cute! Love those big blue eyes! :)

Looking forward to seeing you SOON!! :D :D

The Morris Family said...

Hey, ya'll are going to have to take care of Elijah, they say in the truck his ankle is all swelled up:(
I hope he can have some fun while he is there, I hate it happened!!!

Mrs. M