Friday, July 31, 2009

Country Princess

Well, since it's taking me forever to get together a post of my OK trip I figured I'd blog about this first! :) Kind of has to do with OK, so it'll work. My friend Bethany has been going through her registration papers for her goats and needed to name them all, well to my surprise she named one after me! How sweet huh? She named this little goat, "Country Princess" I guess she saw that my Mom called me that a few times so she liked the name and used it! :) Thought I'd post some pictures of her too though, since it's the first goat that Bethany is keeping that she's named after me!! :D Exciting, huh? :)


theTwins said...

Well, it may be named after you, but you're still cuter!! :P
But the goat is really cute too!

Bethany said...

Oh yes, even though she's one of my prettiest goats, you are WAY prettier! :)

Love you,