Monday, February 19, 2007

Going Home

Well, it's been 10 days now since we left Missouri for Kentucky. The time seems like it went by so fast. We all had a wonderful trip, well our family did, I hope the Myers Family weren't too put out by us. :( Everytime we go to stay with their family we all learn something new. I always wonder what the Lord is going to teach me while at their house. This time it was a BIG issue! Not something I would have figured to learn while at their house. While at their house we heard of two people that are engaged now. One I know fairly well, and we are all happy, but in the back of our minds we think, why not us? I've noticed how easy it is to give your heart away and I wonder all the time if it's okay...I always thought I was the only one like this, but after talking to a friend, she told me that she struggled with the same thing. It's hard to think that you know the one you are going to marry and then a while later find out that the one you thought, might not be him at all. Girls, don't let yourself do this. I have and I'm trying so hard to get myself out of it. I still believe the Lord can work things out and change hearts that need to be changed, IF it's his will, but in the meantime we have to be patient and put all of our trust in the Lord who is faithful to do good!

Since we have been here, Mandy and I finished our quilts. Through quilting, I also learned to not be such a self-centered perfectionist! I got upset a few times over mistakes I made where the corners didn't match up or where my lines weren't straight. It just shows so much how on our own we fail, we need Jesus for everything we do and every minor detail of our lives.

Yesterday Abi and I worked on a song for over an hour on the guitar. It was so much fun! The strumming is a lot of fun and just a bit challenging so it keeps us practicing. Then last night, all of us played Dutch Blitz. Everyone that comes to the Myers House has to play Dutch Blitz with them. They are all so good, and it's a really fun game. It will be sad to leave today, but we do really need to get back to regular life. From this point on we are pretty much starting over. I need to get into a regular schedule and get some of the things around the house organized. David started going through Mom's clothes before he left, so I'll have to go through them when I get home and decide what to do with them.

Oh, I better go practice some more, we need to record the song before we leave. :)


Lora said...

I'm really looking forward to ya'll coming back. Can't wait to visit with you :-).

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

That is a beautiful quilt! It is amazing that we never stop learning. There is always a new area to trust in God. Enjoy being home!

Anonymous said...

danielle... i hope that we can find some time to talk soon... i miss you.

caleb gage said...

Looks good!