Monday, March 26, 2007

Not Winter Forever....

This post is long overdue. Since my Mom passed away I really haven't blogged so much, I've stopped almost all of my writing.

Right after my Mom died, someone had mentioned to me that it wont stay tough will get easier. And then while we were in Kentucky, one day I was struggling so much and David made a comment to me saying, "Danielle, it wont be winter forever, spring is coming!" That statement means so much to me. Then a day later, Hannah, a friend of mine, made the same comment, without knowing David said it. It really surprised me. One main reason this means so much to me is because of the Walton episode that I've talked so much about. I'll go over it again, just a little. In the episode, the Mom gets polio and isn't able to walk, of course during the winter, all she wants to do is walk again...she tries and tries but it doesn't work. Then some ladies from the church make her a quilt all with personalized blocks with messages on it. That's what gave me the idea to make the quilt for my Mom. Now back to winter... :) In the episode, the little kids planted crocuses, I'm guessing it was the Mom's favorite flower and the morning that the Mom was able to stand up and walk, she glanced out her window and saw the flowers bloomed, which gave them hope, knowing Winter isn't forever and spring was right there! I hope this is all making since.

Well, a few weeks ago our flowers bloomed. And right outside the kitchen window we have crocuses that my Mom planted. Everytime I look at them I think of her and the movie. It's amazing to me to see how God has worked in our lives since my Mom passed away. And how true it is that spring is coming, actually already here! :) God has been faithful to answer the prayers that people prayed for us to stay busy and we are finding opportunities to do things that we haven't done before.


Since my Mom passed away, I have started babysitting. Her name is Audrey and she is 2 1/2! What fun! At first it was very difficult, because at home there are no rules and here there are. It's hard for a child when the standard constantly changes. She is doing much better now though. Today was a nice day, so Mandy C. and I took her outside to play with bubbles. Actually we blew them and she chased them! I'll have her two more times this week and then Mandy has her all next week, since I'll be in California. I'm planning on blogging while I'm there, so hopefully it will work!
Isn't she cute??? :)

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