Friday, May 02, 2008

18th Birthday Parties

As most of you know or read on here my sister Mandy's birthday was April 20th, so we had planned on the 26th to have her party. It seems like Mandy is always getting a bday party, but since this WAS her 18th b-day it seemed fitting to have one for her.....AGAIN! ;)

Well, our first big surprise was John and Sage had made arrangements to be able to stay until Sunday that way they would be there for the party!!! We were SO excited that they would be. We love having them so much so it was great! Well then it was time for the party, so people started arriving and saying their typical greeting. Well this one lady looked at me and said, "Happy Birthday Danielle" Well, this lady really doesn't know me TOO well, so I just kindly said, "Oh, actually it's Mandy's" And she commented on at least she remembered my name! :D So anyway more and more people kept arriving which was SO nice. We were hoping for a good turnout! It was great to see everyone. Some people it's been so long since I've seen, so catching up with them was great! :)

Well, then JoAnn and her family showed up, so I ran to go say Hi to her daughter and JoAnn handed me two gifts. She said this one is for Mandy and this one is for you! I was like, WHAT! :D She said that she couldn't just bring Mandy one and not me, so then I told her she was just like my Grandma! She does the same thing, on my birthday Mandy gets gifts and on her's I get some! :) So anyway, I went inside with this huge smile telling John and some other people in the room that JoAnn had brought me a gift and they all sort of looked at me weird, and I'm like...ooookay, guess I shouldn't have said that!

Okay, so now getting to the main point of this story! :D It was time to sing Happy Birthday to Mandy and we were all inside and as we were about to start David announces to everyone that we were going to put a twist on it. So I'm thinking he has some kind of idea of how to sing it. :D But instead he says, "Danielle kind of got jipped out of her 18th birthday since her Mom, Peri, was sick, so this is HER birthday party too!" I could NOT believe it! It turns out everyone knew but me! Mandy had put it on the invitations without me knowing. I'm pretty sure my face turned about beat red, I just could not believe that had done this. So...I celebrated my 18th birthday with Mandy 20 months late! It was such a great party though, I really enjoyed it!

Now everything makes sense to, Why JoAnn had the gift, why Mrs. Milan told me Happy Birthday, why David wouldn't let ME order the b-day cake, why Mandy wouldn't let me send out some invitations. :D It's just all so funny to me!

The day was spent playing volleyball for the most part! It was so much fun. Since I think I was like the only photographer there, we didn't get many pictures at all. I was playing for the most part. In the evening some people were roasting marshmallows and singing karaoke. We also played more volleyball until it got too dark! :D

It really was such a great day!! I had a blast at my 18th birthday party!


Scottie Moser said...

Yayyyy! I SOOOO wish I could have been there. :-(

I'm glad you all had an awesome time, though!

Happy birthday to BOTH of you! :-D

Kristen said...

Happy late 18th, Danielle! ;) What a wonderful surprise! And happy b-day again to Mandy. :-)

Cheryl said...

fun fun! :) i'm so glad :)

Chelle Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Danielle! 20 months late isn't too bad! I am so glad that you have such a wonderful family that loves you! I am still praying for you.

Chelle (used to be mickinick)