Thursday, May 01, 2008


Okay, where do I even begin?? Last night was, well....umm, interesting! :D I was online chatting with Bethany, which has become a somewhat common thing. Well, last night it was kind of late while we were chatting and as we were my cell phone started to ring. The number was a 405 number which I knew was SOMEONE in Oklahoma, but I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer. I then told Bethany how odd it was that someone would be calling me that late, AND someone I didn't know. I let her know I didn't answer and just questioned, like..."Why not?" Hey, actually I'll just post our Chat conversation! :D :D :D

Bethany: :D
10:10 PM (Confidential stuff)
me: did you just call me?
someone from a 405 number called
Bethany: No I didn't.
10:11 PM me: (can't say the number sorry) It WAS here
I didnt answer :D
Bethany: Weird.
Why didn't you answer?
me: umm....I was writing a txt message to John, he asked me about the pics, and what size to make them
okay to answer YOUR question now

10:12 PM (Confidential)
Bethany: Yeah, it'd show how crazy I am.
me: :D Yup
Bethany: :D :D
I don't think so!!
10:13 PM me: :D
hey real quick
Bethany: I'm not quite that weird. :D
me: 405 IS your area code, right?
Bethany: Yeah in lots of OK
me: okay
oh wait
they are calling again :D
Bethany: Maybe you should just answer.
I'll wait.
me: oh my
Bethany: It's okay.
me: OH MY
Is it your brother?
Bethany: What you talking about?
me: BESH
this is scaring me
Bethany: It wasn't my brother.
me: I have no clue who it is
This guy says
Bethany: What did they say?
me: something about it being a hypoglycemia hotline
and that something like
I dunno
it was so weird
the guy was freaky
Bethany: WEIRD!!
me: -sorry if it's your brother
Bethany: It's not my brother!!
me: how in the WORLD would they get my number
10:15 PM Bethany: That's really weird.
me: yea
you should call them back
Bethany: What?
me: :(
Bethany: You want ME to call them back??
10:16 PM me: well
someone there
to see who it REALLY is
Bethany: hmmmm...
Was it a real person?
me: yea, I think so
a weird person
Bethany: It wasn't a recording or something?
10:17 PM me: I dont know
I hung up on them
Bethany: Thats rude!!
me: WHAT
they were like REALLY creeping me out
I mean seriously
Bethany: But...just a person on the phone?
me: BESH
it was you
wasnt it
10:18 PM Bethany: I've been chatting with you...I didn't call.
me: did someone in your family call?
be honest
that is just weird if it was
Bethany: They are all here watching me chat.
Bethany: What?
me: Please Please PLEASE tell me the truth
did someone call from your house?
10:19 PM or from some weird cell?
Bethany: Nobody called from our house.
So how was the guy freaky?
me: I dont know
maybe cause it's dark in here
10:20 PM :O BESH
Bethany: What?
Bethany: Good grief!
me: in yoru family
Bethany: I'mm horrible?
me: Elijah was on the recorder!
Check your message
Bethany: :D :D :D
me: just left you one!
Bethany: SO GOOD!
That freaked me out SOOO much
10:21 PM Bethany: THE BEST!! :D Ha ha
me: you can not believe it
Bethany: GREAT!!

Okay, so that sort of explains our conversation, BUT You didn't get to see what was going on, on MY end! Soo..... here's what the guy on the phone said.

"Hello, we have heard that you are one of the small percentage of American females that are affected by hypoglycemia. Are you experiencing sleepiness, lack of energy, and dizziness? If so we can help you. If you'd like to continue please say "one", if we have made a mistake and you are not affected by this problem please say "two" and hang up or visit the hypoglycemia website at Thank you."
(This is the written proof!) ;)

Okay, so I know that shouldn't have freaked me out so much, but it for sure scared me! So then after finding out it was someone from their house I had to figure out who. After guess almost everyone of her brother's she said it wasn't them, so it left ONE person.....

Ta Da!!!! BETHANY MORRIS was the freaky guy on the other end! :D :D :D IT turns out that she had this planned for awhile and well, with the help of some other people, she recorded it and then Caleb and Daniel dropped the pitch or frequency or something and made her sound gross! :D Quite manly! ;) SO anyway, and THEN while she was chatting to me, the guys went into the studio and called from THEIR cell phone and just played the recording through it! Isn't that BAD!!! I'm not sure who all was involved, but here are some pictures of some that I know of...I dont have everyones pic either, just those that I know helped and that I have pics of!

Okay, well there you have it!!!! That was the prank for the night, I'll admit I was SOO terrified and just well they completely fooled me! :D BUT.....I will get them back, I don't know how yet, but somehow I will!!!!!!!! Watch out Besh!!!! ;)

Okay, well even though she did this to me, I DO still love her a ton! (Just had to clarify that)


Bethany said...

Dannie Marie!! You are just TOO much!! :D But hey, it was the BEST prank yet!!

And everybody, she REALLY was SO scared...she was shaking, and she ALMOST did something else, but it's a confidental thing. :D

Ryan Bruce said...

That was funny. =)

Lady Abigail said...

ROFL! That's great!

Kristen said...

Ha ha. :D :D Too funny!

Cheryl said...


sage said...

I'll bet I can guess what that "confidential thing" you almost did was!!! :lol:

Go M's!!!!!!

Danielle said...

SAGE AND BETHANY!!! YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOO BAD! You know that?? And Sage, do NOT cheer them on! :D

Lindsey said...

*composes herself*

Poor Danielle!

(Way to go Bethany!)


Bethany said...

Dannie, yes we know we are bad. :D

Hey Sage, yes you DO know the "confidential thing" I'm talking about. :D lol

Love you Dannie! :)

Danielle said...

ENOUGH! About the confidential thing! :D :D :D Oh my...why in the world did I let that out?

Scottie Moser said...

Aw, come on, that was not nice. :-P

Next time do it during the day XD

Cheryl said...

That is SOOOOOOOO funny!!!:D

Danielle said...

OH my goodness! I should have known I'd get the most comments on THIS blog post!! Hey, and to all of you cheering Besh on...Shame one you!!! :D :D ;)

Just know, I did end up getting Bethany back! ;)

John-Clay said...

Good work guys..that's too funny!