Friday, May 09, 2008

Child-like Prayers

Well this week has gone by fast but unfortunately I wont be able to go home this weekend. :( My sisters and I and some friends, made some plans to go down to Springfield to help a friend move into her new house. So, it's not that I don't want to go do that, but I always do love going home and seeing everyone....especially Lane! ;) Today is also my last day working here for a while any way with Dave being home. He leaves on Monday for Afghanistan. He will most likely be gone 5 months! So that will be interesting having him gone so much. I'm trying desparately also to plan another trip to Oklahoma also, but I'm just not sure it's going to work out. I really hope so though. It seems though that Mandy and I planned our trips at the same time, so that means it wouldn't work for me! :) She is my backup babysitter! :D

Anyway..... Hanah and I have gotten into the practice of praying every time we get into the vehicle. So, I start out praying first and then Hanah always says, "Danielle, say it's Hanah pray now!" So...of course I say it and then Hanah get's to pray out loud. Every day she is praying for this little boy named Ryan to get better. He had a cold about 3 weeks ago, but she still prays for him each day and then says, "God, help Ryan to get better, OH, he already is better, his Dad gave him medicine" :D So then she continues on praying for various people to get better and for God to keep us safe. So then today she was getting ready to eat her lunch, and usually I pray before our meals, but this time I asked her to pray out loud. :D Well, I think she just thought I said LOUD cause boy was it loud! She started off by saying her usual and then she said, "God please make Grandma Susan better Danielle's Mom to be better and not sick anymore" :( (Hanah's Grandma Susan, is the one who just passed away) Hanah has prayed like this before, but today it really got to me. Maybe because I dreamed about my Mom last night, I don't know, but as Hanah was praying that, I just found myself thinking back to when I really was praying that. And then even BEFORE Hanah said that, I was writing in my prayer journal and for some completely odd reason, I started to pray for God to heal my Mom again. It was so odd....I haven't done that since she died, not sure what is going on with me today. I wish I could go back to those times though, where I pray for her healing. I miss that. I miss her........

Hope you all have a good Mother's Day

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