Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

EDIT:: I am getting the flu I think, so since I've been feeling SO sick I can't exactly finish this post...the pictures are going to be in a very random order! :( Sorry..

Can you believe it is STILL Christmas Eve and I've already got my pictures downsized and up on this blog!!! :) (pretty good, huh Besh?) ;) I didn't do any editing though, so THOSE kinds of pictures will be posted on my other blog, probably months from now! ;) (just kidding!) I actually decided to do this post so soon because I started really missing my Mom. I began to dwell on the fact that she isn't here and well that happens a lot when the house gets quiet. :(

Okay, so moving on...I had a wonderful evening with my sisters and Jason. Tara ended up picking me up from Kim's at 11:30 so we got to hang out most of the day! :) We wrapped presents, looked at wedding photographers, just talked and well...oh, went to the grocery store! :) Then Mandy came there when she got off work around 3:30. Once she got there we started to do our gift exchange, which was fun! We were all being silly! We'd pick up the gift and try to guess what it was! Some guesses were a hamster, dog, toaster...all things that definitely didn't match the description of the box! :D It was funny! :D Jason started the unwrapping first with a new bottle of cologne from Tara. (Oh, the Jason I am referring to is Tara's boyfriend) :) So I guess I'll let the pictures explain most of the rest! Let's see some of the gifts were cologne, video game, bath and body works stuff, air freshener (LOL), socks, shirts, lip balm, iPhone cases, kitchen stuff, back massager for your chair, and much more!! :D Tara told me before hand.."Danielle, it'd be so funny for people to see what I got you!" Now I see thing was the air freshener. One might ask WHY she'd get me that, but the reason is...Tara's house smells SOOOoooOO good! :) And she has this thing that every so often sprays out this really good smell! :) So, I mentioned how much I liked and it and she got me one! :) Also the socks...we were discussing how I am totally out of socks, so I just dont wear any! :D :D Well she got me two packages of socks!!! lol Anyway, it was kind of funny!

For Tara I did a memory board type thing for her. She told me many times that she wanted pictures of my Mom but I had them all, so finally it clicked and I decided to do this for her. I was kind of scared what she would think of it, but she ended up liking it I think.

Well, Mandy is up now so maybe I wont be quite so lonely! :) When we got home I played with Luke for awhile and then came down to just read my bible and write. So then Mandy came down a little while later and I read out of Luke to her, the Christmas Story. Well, she has been on meds since she is sick and they wipe her out, so when I was done reading she was snoring away! ;) (she'll get mad if she sees this!) :D :D

Guess I should get to bed so I'm rested up for tomorrow!! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Let's keep our focus on Jesus, the TRUE meaning of Christmas!


crik said...

Merry Christmas! :D

Hey I see the photographer in one of the ornaments! Looks like a picture that I took... ;)

Bob and Cindy Cole said...

My name is Katherine Cole. I found your blog through Bethany Morris's blog. First I want to say that I am so sorry about the loss of your mom. I will pray that the Lord will bless and strengthen you each day.
If you like, come and visit my blog! Have a great day!

Katherine Cole

theTwins said...
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theTwins said...

Whoops, I just deleted my first comment...
Merry Christmas (a little late)
I hope you feel better soon!

Bethany said...

Wow Mistina!! Got your Christmas Eve post done ON Christmas Eve!! That's amazing!! Looks like you all had a great time...and I'm glad you are feeling better now!!

Love you!