Sunday, December 07, 2008

An Update

Well I'm not even sure what to write, but I know it's been awhile since I've updated. :) Plus I have some time right now while waiting on Mandy. :)

Last week was my first week back to work since my month off. It was good to see the kids again but it was so different going back. 2 days a week I am pretty much by myself because Hanah is at preschool in the mornings and then takes her nap in the afternoons. Then once Dave gets home I stay in my room downstairs. Soo...this means lots of time alone. It was pretty hard for me this week, I'm thinking mainly because I had been home so long. I got used to having someone with me all the time! :) Either I'd be holding Luke or playing with Lane or talking with Mandy. I missed that a lot. On Wednesday, I about totally lost it! :) I wanted to go home SOOOO badly, I missed everyone, but it snowed that night and we had ice so I couldn't take the risk of going home and not being able to get back to their house for work. But, my older sister Tara was a life saver! :) She didn't even know I was having such a hard time, but called out of the blue and asked if I wanted to come over! :) So she was so kind to come pick me up and take me back that night. I made pizzas for dinner at their house and then we just pretty much hung out! :) I then talked to a friend that night for a long time, so that gave me even more "interaction" with people! :) Thursday I went back over to Tara's house and Mandy came too. I made dinner again for them and then we just played around! :D It was a LOT of fun! Also I was busy Thursday with lots of things, other than sitting in my room. :) I had bought a dress that needed to be hemmed and then had a few errands to run. :)

Friday was a GREAT day! :) Still amazed it worked out for me to go, but I was able to go to the last dance in Bloomington, IL. I was so hoping Mandy's boss would let her go with me (which means getting off work 3 hours early), but she said no. :( So, it was just me going. Kim ended up letting me off at 1:30 so after getting everything together I was off! :) Faith, Melody and Jason met me at the mall in Bloomington early so we could have dinner and shop for a little bit. That was fun! Of course I got a little bit embarrassed when Jason and Melody started to talk to random people. :D He would start waving to people he didn't even know! (just like the Naylor boys) :D It was all fun though. Then the dance was great! :) It was so neat seeing everyone in their fancy dresses!!! :) Even some of the guys dressed up and wore suits. Sadly though I got no pictures! :( I was going to, but I went to get my camera and I realized I left my camera ON the last time I used it. :( battery was dead! Helena got at least 2 photos though, so when I get them from her I'll post them here. :) There weren't a whole lot of people there but it was a fun group.
Afterwards we went back to Kelli's house and just talked and some people played games. We had a fun discussion trying to figure out what animals we would be based off our personality! :) That was QUITE the conversation! :) So anyway, on Saturday I got up early and left for home. The drive went well (thanks to all my friends who kept me company along the way by talking to me) and I was home by 12:00. :) I had one small thing happen at a gas station on the way home but I'll save you all from hearing that. Let's just say I am NOT good at pumping gas! ;)

Today since church I've just been home and hanging out with family. :) Also getting ready to get pictures of Mandy and Lane and then Mandy will get one of me. :) Angie got some new frames so she needs updated pictures of us. It's going to be getting dark soon though, so I better get to them, Mandy is finally off the phone and hopefully ready to go! :)

Okay, sorry for this boring post!!! :)


crik said...

Pretty dresses! :)

~Kristen~ said...

Awww.. sweet picture of you girls. :-) Sounds like it was a lot of fun!