Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Screening in Oklahoma!

What an exciting weekend I had, as I was in Oklahoma for the screening of our movie "Dancing With Angels" along with 2 other movies, "Joel's Journey" and "Call of Courage" The evening was lots of fun, but for several different reasons full of tears as well! "Dancing With Angels" showed first and then there was a 30 minute intermission afterwards. The Naylor Family provided cookies and hot chocolate, coffee, tea, everything you can imagine was there! :)

Then after the break, "Joel's Journey" and "Call of Courage" showed. It was such a blessing to finally meet the entire Morris Family! In case you dont already know, "Joel's Journey" is a documentary on Mr. and Mrs. Morris' son, Joel. You can check out their blog at www.weloveyoujoel.blogspot.com (I guess I need to learn to just smile, otherwise, THIS happens)

It was great seeing friends again and meeting many new people! It's always hard though saying goodbye, not ever knowing when the next time will be to see them again! :( Hopefully soon though! :)

After the screening and cleaning up, a few of us went to downtown Oklahoma City to see fireworks! I guess it has been 100 years since OK became a state, so they celebrated by shooting fireworks off! It was So neat and very pretty! We all stood in the back of the pickup truck to watch them...such a great view!

Hope you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanks to Caleb Burnett for the pictures! :)


Lora said...

I love that picture of you... you're hilarious :-P

Scottie Moser said...
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Kristen said...

How fun!
I'll just have to get DWA sometime! :-)

John-Clay said...

how did you get those pictures :| ?? I am going to half to talk to my bro about that :P...I didn't even get them yet, oh well...