Friday, December 15, 2006

Joy Overcomes

As I am writing this, my Mom and Mandy are sleeping. We are all so tired. Sometimes my Mom requires our help through the night and we have to stay up untill 12:00 to give her the steroids, so we really are so tired. Usually I am one to sleep a lot, but for some reason, the Lord has been getting me through these day and I'm not totally exhausted. :) Helping my Mom has been such a joy. I've learned a lot and am learning patience through all of it...I think. Maybe now I will be better equipped to have a family and raise kids, who knows?

My Mom has been doing so much better since we got home. Today has been the best day yet. She is getting stronger, and remembers more and more each day. It's so neat to see. Today she was so anxious for me to get the house edition plans sent to Jonathan, so he could go over them. (He will possibly be the one to build the edition) I had lots of problems though. I couldn't get my scanner to connect with my Mac. We had to finally resort to a PC, I still don't know why it worked with my computer? When David gets home, I'm sure he can help me figure it out.

Yesterday was really nice, I got to see my little girl! Actually she isn't mine, but I used to babysit her everyday since she was 3 months old. Now she is almost 2. She feels like mine, but I am so sad, because in January she will be moving to North Carolina. I'll miss her so much. She has a little brother also, but I'm partial to Amari! :) On the right is a picture of her at our house, one year ago, and the left is a picture of her taken yesterday. She has grown up so much! I hope I can have a little girl just like her, well...sort of like her, just a little better disciplined...Right Chrissy! Oh, here is a picture of her hair from the back, I can't believe it is this long. :) Okay, that's probably enough pictures. Sometimes I can get carried away.

My next post I should have lots of pictures. Tonight my sister, Tara is coming over and we are going to decorate the Christmas tree. I'm really excited. We haven't put up decorations for the past 5 years, so it will be neat to go back through all of the decorations and ornaments and remember back. I think it will be very special for us! The tree will look very pretty too...I think!

Well, my Mom just woke up and I've got some things to do. By Monday, I will have more to write about!

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Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! I know what you mean abot feeling like she is yours...I am that way with four year old Isabelle-beeing looking after her for three years!

By the way, I have a bew blog...

Come visit me there and say hi! :)