Sunday, December 31, 2006

Letting God Heal

Last night David and I talked a long time about everything that has happened with my Mom. We both agreed that since the beginning, she has only gotten worse. With few exceptions of days when she felt really good. Now, with man's eyes, our situation seems hopeless. Without God it is impossible for my Mom to be healed. They have given her 6 months or less to live. I wonder to myself, Why am I okay with this? I think the number one reason is because I don't believe it. Since the beginning I have had hope that my Mom will be healed. Now I have had to think a lot though, what if he doesn't? Will I be okay with it? Will I get mad at God? After a long time thinking I realized I wouldn't. How could I? Either way my Mom will win...she still wont get to see me marry, or see her grandkids, but she will be in the prescence of God! I will be the one to suffer and I'll miss her so much, but in time I will be okay too. I realized last night that if my Mom were to be healed in Mexico, man could have gotten the credit. Our family wouldn't have thought it was them, but others could have. Also, if the radiation would have worked, people could have accredited to the doctors in the states. We have decided to sit back and let God heal her. We want him to get all the credit. We have friends who say they don't believe in miracles. They think that was a New Testament thing, not a now a days thing. Maybe my Mom's healing will change their minds? I don't know. I firmly believe in this coming year, my Mom will be healed. In the bible 7 is complete and 8 a new beggining. I am praying that 2007 will be like that for us. I'm not supersticious or anything but I keep telling myself by July my Mom will be better. If she isn't that's okay, but if she is even alive in July, that is amazing in itself! I think our family in particular is very excited about this New Year!

Last night something encouraging happened with my Mom. All of you who read this blog will know before the update list does! My Mom has had like burns on her forhead since the radiation. While in the hospital, the nurse told us that it will never come off. I couldn't believe it. Then yesterday a friend of ours brought my Mom some facial wipes. Now, you have to know, we have washed my Mom's face many times-everyday...but last night as I was using those wipes, the burn marks were coming off. Mandy and I wiped for about 20 min. and they all came off! Praise God! It's not that the marks were horrible, but once again my Mom beat the odds! When they say it can't be done, God shows that it can...Thanks God! Here are the before and after pictures...
Pretty neat huh? Well, I guess that is all for today. My Mom has been quiet all morning and we are praying that she perks up again. We have cut her steroids from 40mg. to 24mg. in a matter of 2 days, so I'm hoping she will bounce back. Thank you for all that are praying, I really do appreciate it!


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