Friday, December 01, 2006

Fun and Friends

The last two days have been pretty good. Not exactly with my Mom, but for the rest of us here. I mean, my Mom is okay, just slowly getting better. For awhile it seemed like she was making lots of progress and then it all sort of stopped. She didn't get worse, but from what we could tell she wasn't getting better. They ended up deciding to do some sort of procedure yesterday where they go in and get a sample of what is inside. I think they call it a flush...not a wipe! (Right Mandy!!!) :)

Everything went well with that procedure and they told us today that it seems like the pneumonia is gone, but they did find some kind of fungus. That's not really a great thing, but it isn't hard to treat. They just will give her a new medication and it should get rid of it. They don't seem concerned at all about it. When we went to the hospital today, my Mom was awake and very alert. I walked in and she was tapping the side of the bed...I think she was trying to get someones attention. She needed to be turned over, when she lays in the same spot for long periods of time, it starts to hurt. The nurse told us that her blood pressure was going up, which is good, so they are starting to wean her off the blood pressure medication. We also met with the doctor and he said he is going to try to wean her off the life support today also. He leaves the tube in her, just turns it off. Then he will watch to see if her breathing pattern is regular and she is getting enough oxygen. We are praying that it will all go okay.

On Wednesday I talked to Mandy Dortignac and she said that a few of her sisters could come down to Chula Vista to visit us for awhile. We were very excited, because we've only met them once and it was for like 4 hours, 2 years ago. Their family lives in..umm...somewhere near Chino and Diamond Bar, in California. Sorry, I'm not sure the name of the city. They ended up getting to our hotel around 3:30. Mandy, Annie, and Joanna all came. First we went to the hospital to see my Mom. They had never met my Mom before, so I'm sure it was ackward for them to go in and see her that way, but they didn't seem to mind. After sitting around and talking at the hospital for awhile, Mandy invited us to go to a different families house for dinner with them. The family lived in Chula Vista. I kind of feel bad, because we had been telling them how much we were getting sick of eating out and wondering where our next meal would be...Chinese or the Mexican Restaurant. So, I hope they didn't think they had to invite us for a home cooked meal. Anyways, we had a really good time at their house and a great meal! The family was very hospitable and has offered us to come back anytime.

On Thursday morning, we met back up with the girls and then they took Mandy and I to the beach, it was very close to the Mexican border. It was so nice to be so close to Mexico again. We could actually see the same islands we see from the hospital window. For some reason that was really neat to us. From there we went with them back up neat their house, actually I think it was Riverside. David also took a trip up to Chino to see our aunt and uncle.

We had a great time with the Dortignacs and all of their friends. We played a lot of volleyball, it started out really bad, but then we started playing speed volleyball and it got much funner...wait that's not a word! :) After playing volleyball we decided to jump on the trampoline. Mandy D. said she has always wanted to learn to do a back flip, so we thought we should teach her. Within 10 minutes she had it down and by the end of the night I think 5 or 6 learned how to do them. And they all were so good. I feel horrible though, because Jack had it down, but then one time he was trying 2 in a row and he landed some weird way and hurt himself. After moaning awhile and then laying still he got up and said he was fine, but I think it must have really hurt him. I hope he is feeling better now. That's always my biggest fear, that someone who we have taught gets hurt badly. :(

David ended up picking us up from their house around 11:00 and then stayed and talked for awhile. So, we got back to National City around 2:30 am and then I got to sleep around 3:00 or 3:30. I am exhausted today! We spent most of the day today at a music store called Guitar Center. Since I didn't bring my guitar this time I am having withdraws. David suprised us and took us there. We had a really good time. I spent lots of time playing different guitars and Mandy like playing on the keyboards. Do I even have to mention what we came home with??? Oh boy! :)

Well, this is turning into a very long post and I need to get going. We are hoping to spend more time with the Dortignac Family and their friends, God willing. They invited us to church this Sunday or pizza night next Friday. We are sort of hoping we will be home by next Friday though...

Thanks for all the prayers!


Abby said...

Hey Danielle! It was awesome having you and Mandy here! Glad we were able to meet you girls! (again! ;-)) You're definitelly welcome to come again anytime!

and THanks for teaching me how you do a backflip!! That was so much fun! (Even though you got slacked in the face a couple times! :-/) You're a great teacher! :-)

Hope to see you guys at Church or pizza night!

God bless!

Mandy said...

What an awesome report Danielle! It sounds like your Mom is recovering quickly! PTL!!!

I'm so glad we were able to spend some time with you all! You all were a blessing to us in more ways than you can know!

I definitely want to know what you came home from the guitar center with! Don't leave your friends hanging like that please! :D

I have to echo what Abby said about teaching us how to do back flips! Thanks a million! ;)

Don't feel bad please! Jack got up and went to work with our Uncle this morning. He's doing fine!

Wow, I'm so excited to hear that your Mom is being weaned from the life support... We'll all keep praying!

Love you girls!

Danielle said...


Thanks for having us at your house. We really enjoyed the time...sorry for staying so late though. :( I'm glad you liked learning to do the backflip, don't worry about me being slapped! LOL Hope to see you soon!

I am glad Jack isn't feeling too bad and was able to go to work! Like I wrote on your blog, we came home with a Breedlove guitar! I love it, it's the nicest sounding guitar I've ever played. Sorry for the suspense!


Mandy said...

How is it going? I almost just called but don't want to use up your cell phone minutes, or interrupt something.

My Dad bought a Taylor guitar earlier this year and loves it. I think it's the prettiest sounding guitar I've ever heard!

Do you think you'll transfer your mom as soon as she's off life support?

Miss you!


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Lora said...

If you are still in CA next weekend, by all means *go* to the D's for their Friday night fun... totally :-P.

What on earth was Jack doing trying to do backflips? That'd be like Gorden trying that... LOL!

So... guitar center... lots of keyboards -- a Guitar? a Keyboard? or just more music?

Danielle said...


If we are here on Friday I would love to go to their house. We really want to see them again..Oh, I just heard David say we should be home by Thursday...

About Jack, he was actually very good at the backflip. He caught on quick, real quick!

Okay guitar center...we got a Breedlove Guitar. It's not exactly mine though, David said he bought it for him and I can just play it. Works for me though!

Anonymous said...

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