Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Update

Well, it's Tuesday and my Mom is doing much better than she was when she was put on the breathing tube. She is still on 40% oxygen, but she is doing good. Their intentions were to take her off life support today, but when they tried decreasing the breaths that the machine gave her, her heart rate when up. Her oxygen stayed up, but her heart rate jumped to around 130. The doctors just want her to stay calm and not have to struggle at all, so they turned it back to regular settings. So, it seems that she wont be coming off today, but possibly tomorrow. My Mom is pretty bummed out though. She really wants the tube out, and I can't wait till' she can talk to me.

Last night we went to the mall and bought my Mom a bear. It was one of those places where you stuff the bear yourself and pick out an outfit for it. So, we got my Mom a dark brown bear and picked out some scrubs with a doctors coat and mask with it. It looks very cute. I will try to take a picture of it tomorrow and post it. We were going to wait until my Mom was off the breathing tube to give it to her, but she was awake this morning and we decided to give it to her then. I think she likes it, she started to cry when we gave it to her.

I guess that is all of my news! We bought a DVD player last night for our room, so we are finally able to watch some of our DVD's. We have bought a lot of new ones since we've been here. Last night we watched the Christmas Child, a movie with Stephen Curtis Chapman in it. We also bought the second season of the Waltons---haven't watched those yet! I'm looking forward to it though. We also ordered in pizza last night to the room. It was a lot of fun. None of us were hungry at dinner time, but around 8:30 we started to, so it was David's idea to order in. I'm hoping one more time we can do that! :)


Cheryl said...

Praise the Lord!!! I'm so encouraged!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family!


Lora said...

Glad to hear that the Dortignac girls came for a visit... what fun!