Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just an Update

I probably have lots to do right now, but I can't think of any of them, so I might as well blog...right? No, really today is a slow day. The house is clean, dinner is under control, and it's too cold to do anything outside. So we are just sitting here. Mandy is at David's Dad's house cleaning today, so it's just Mom and me, and she's resting right now.

She has been doing very good though. Yesterday we went to the doctor and she was out all day and still felt good. She was able to get her MRI done yesterday and her blood work. We are hoping to get some results today from the MRI. Her next doctor appointment isn't until next Friday, so we probably wont get a detailed report until then. We are praying though for really positive results. All the side effects from radiation seem to be fading away. Her strength is getting better and the control she had lots is coming back. It is so great to see my Mom feeling good and having joy! :)

This weekend we are planning on going to Kentucky to visit some friends. Kentucky is probably our favorite place to go, besides Mexico, so this will make my Mom really happy. As depressed and sick as she has been, everytime I ask what would cheer her up, she says going to Kentucky or seeing the Myers Family. You can imagined how pleased she was to find out we were actually going soon. We haven't seen their family since my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was actually April the last time we were there. Wow!

I finished the Old Testament last night, so tonight I am going to start my study of the New Testament in English and Spanish. It should be very interesting. I'm hoping it will help in someway. I imagine this time going throught he NT will take me much longer, what do you think?

I guess that is all of my news. When I find out some results I'll let you all know. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement.


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Anonymous said...

yes, much stronger, but not much "longer". Ha!