Friday, November 10, 2006

A Great Day!

Today has been such a GREAT day! My Mom woke up feeling good and talking so much! Praise God! It actually started yesterday, we had some company over and since then she has just been so happy and seems very alert. For the past few weeks, she has just sort of seemed out of it. Then last night after Tara left, she started singing, dancing, and laughing. She seemed so happy. I haven't seen her this happy for a long time, either. Then this morning after talking to Mrs. Martin, she said she would come stay with my Mom for a little while and Mandy and I could go shopping for a little while. When I told my Mom this she said, "Oh, I want to go too!" So, I called Mrs. Martin back and she was all for us ALL going shopping. So, we all got to go to the Outlet Mall and shop for awhile. It was a lot of fun! It was very good for my Mom to get out and interact with other people. I think she had fun also, except for the fact that I take too long picking out things. I guess I am a bad shopper. I take a long time to pick something out and then after I buy it, I feel horrible about spending the money. I usually get over it though.

The pictures I am posting were taken by Jonathan Myers in Kentucky. He was showing us some of them and I really liked them, so he let me put them up on my blog. They were taken in his front yard actually...I think. Hope you all enjoy them, I did.

Please pray for Robby, a man we met while in Mexico. His wife had cancer and wasn't doing too good while we were down there. So, a few days ago he emailed me and said that his wife passed away on Sunday and he is left with his two sons, 4 and 9. He said he is having a really hard time. It's hard for me to know what to even say to him. Although my Mom is sick and going through the same type of thing, I feel lost knowing what to say. He lives about 6 hours from us, I am hoping there will be something we can do to help. Please just pray that God will give him strength and that through all of this he will learn to seek the Lord only.

Tomorrow I am going to have a busy day! We are leaving Sunday morning and I am still not packed. I am almost done packing my Mom and David, but haven't even started mine. NOT GOOD! I'll have to spend some time doing that tomorrow and I am hoping to go shopping somemore tomorrow with my brother. We are praying that my Mom will have another GREAT day and will be able to go with us. She is looking forward to it. :)

My mom had a doctor's appointment today and he basically gave us two options. He can go with the aggresive approach and do chemo and radiation, or he can do his best to just keep my Mom comfortable. So, we are going with this approach. He has offered us hospice also, not because she is doing bad, but because it is safer that way. If we ever need help in the middle of the night, it will be easy to have help. Otherwise we would have to go to the Emergency Room. We didn't tell him we were going back down to Mexico, we aren't sure if he is for this alternative treatment or not. He told us that my Mom's cancer is terminal, but he doesn't believe that God can heal! I do! :)

I guess that is all of my news. Thank you for the continual prayers for my Mom, we really do appreciate it.

Love, Danielle

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Celeste McGrath said...

I'm so glad you three got to get out and spent some time's so good to hear!

The photos are gorgeous!