Monday, November 27, 2006

Tears of Joy

Yesterday we went to the hospital to see my Mom and she still was just laying there. I never know if she is sleeping, or not totally there, or if she can hear us. It's confusing. David had promised my Mom though, that we would sing to her while she is like this. So, yesterday morning we sang a few hymns to her. We noticed her heart rate going up though...a little too high, so we stopped singing. Through the night her heart rate had gotten to 105, so 120 was too high. We noticed when we stopped singing it would go down. I guess our singing isn't the best!

Then we went out in the lobby for awhile and Mandy and I decided to go back in and see her. When we walked in, my Mom was awake. I couldn't help but cry. I was so happy. I started talking to my Mom, telling her how good she was doing and that I loved her so much. I also asked her if she knew who I was. After all these questions my Mom would nod her head yes and no and then she started to cry. By this time I really couldn't stop crying. My Mom was trying to talk to me she wanted to say something, but everytime she tried, her oxygen would go down to around 95 or 93. I was so happy to see her. Since they put the tube in before we got to the hospital, I didn't get to see my Mom. I had the slightest doubt that I never would again. I was overjoyed to see my Mom...I love her so much! For about the next 30 minutes, I just cried. Not because I was sad, but I was so happy! I tried to stop crying, I just couldn't...Weird!

Throughout the day, I actually got to see my Mom 4 times. She would communicate with me by nodding her head. She definately knows what is going on and knows who we all are. The doctors said she is on a light sedative, so she can easily wake up. They just like keeping her asleep because she stays calmer. They did a chest x-ray of her and found less liquid in her lungs, that means things are getting better! Praise God! Also, her oxygen was up to 100% with only 70% oxygen from the breathing tube.

I am so excited to go and see my Mom today. Maybe today I will get to talk to her again. Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement!


Barbara said...

I have been praying so much for your mom that I can hardly sleep the past several nights. My heart rate wouldn't calm down. Last night I prayed that as my heart rate calmed so I could sleep, so also would your mom's heart rate. I speak health in Jesus' name. I slept great, I trust she rested well, too.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I am so glad! Praise God!