Monday, November 13, 2006

Mexico Bonito

YEAH we are in Mexico now! Our flight seemed very fast and the ride was so smooth. After we got off the plane my Mom said it felt like 20 hours so I guess it just went fast for me? When we left yesterday morning there was frost on the ground. I was so surprised it would be so cold. I guess we left just in time, because it is still rather warm here. Although, last night I did have to put a sweater on, so maybe it isn’t as warm as I am thinking. ☺

Once we got here my Mom wasn’t feeling too good. I think flying really stresses her out and she worries about too many things. She had a little to eat for lunch and nothing for dinner. Then around 7:00 we all layed down to go to bed. We were wiped out. But at 9:00 David came in our room and said that my Mom had thrown up and was pretty sick. I couldn’t believe it. My mom had been complaining of a stomach ache, but I figured it was just stress. She was really sick though. After cleaning everything up and getting new sheets for the bed, we got to sleep about 10:30. The nurse last night was so nice. She cleaned up all the mess and didn’t think twice about it. I wish I could like her. I want to get to that point. But last night, I thought I was going to be sick just being in the room. She really is a blessing to us!

I woke up around 6:00 this morning and I hadn’t been woken up the whole night. So I figured my Mom had done okay. Thank God that she did. She didn’t throw up again, but was up going to the bathroom. She said she felt much better this morning though. Her legs are very weak today. She has fallen several times, not where she gets hurt though, it just scares her. So, she told me that she wants to be in a wheelchair for now. I guess she feels safer that way. I’ve tried asking her if when we eat if she will get out of the wheelchair and get into a normal seat, but she said,”Why do you want me to get out so bad?” And it’s not that I care, she just made a comment to me the last time we were here and she said, “Once I get into the wheelchair I will never get out.” I know this isn’t true, but this was her attitude. She wanted to do everything she could to not get into the wheelchair. Now she wants to be in there. It is less stress on her though, being in it. Before it would get her really worked up, knowing she had to walk all the way down to go eat. Hopefully this well help her with everything.
She is going to start her treatment today. It really isn’t much though for the first 4 days. All she does is take a pill. She stops all of her other supplements and different treatments. Then after 4 days she will have one day to rest and then start the 4 days of ultrasound treatment. From what I have heard, the results from this treatment are not super fast. We aren’t expecting to see a lot of progress while we are down here, but after a while they are hoping we will. Since they just started this treatment on patients they don’t know how long it will take.

Now my Mom is sleeping. She is trying to get as much rest as she can. I think sleep is good for her though. Maybe she will be stronger when she wakes up. ☺

Well, I guess that is all of my news now. Adios!

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Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I am glad you got down to Mexico okay. I am praying for your Mom!