Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update on David

David is in CA right now and visited with the doctors in Mexico on Tuesday. I have mixed emotions from everything he told me. They told him that his cancer is FAST growing but that isn't necessarily bad. I guess it can be easier to treat that way. They then explained how the states would treat it: 4 different types of chemo and it's very intense. Basically they told him, if he can live through the chemo they do, then he would be fine...maybe that's why they say 90% success rate..maybe 90 percent of those who make it through the chemo live. I don't know....but I am very glad that he isn't going that route. He also said that the doctor in Mexico said they want him to come for 4 weeks of treatment and then go home for a little while and then come back! That's a lot! When my Mom was sick, she went for 3 weeks at a time and that was a lot. I think we were there more than anyone, and we were in Mexico for a total of like 9 weeks, plus 3 weeks in a hospital in Chula Vista.

So, David is coming home tomorrow and then will be making plans to fly back down there pretty soon. I applied for my passport yesterday and Mandy will be applying soon so that we will be ready to go if we end up getting the chance. David invited us to go, and well, although I have work, I really believe this is more important. I've been to the hospital before and I've seen people there with no family, no support and it's rough. I don't want that to be David. Not sure if that makes sense. Finding out now though that it's for 4 weeks is really tough. I know I can't be gone that long. :( Please continue to pray for David and also...please pray that God would put someone in my path that would be willing to help me out. Possibly take my place here, as a nanny, while I am gone a week or two. I think that is what I am most stressed out about now. I WANT to go to be there for him, but I can't just leave this family with no one either. It's hard...


It's been sleeting here, ALL DAY! |( No fun at all! I'm stuck here at home, but I guess it could have been worse. Mandy C. was here with me all day today and all day yesterday! :) I was hoping she would get stuck tonight too, but she braved it in the ice and made it home. Today has been challenging though. Kim stayed home because of all the ice, she couldn't make it in to work and then Logan's school was cancelled also. When their Mom or Dad is home, Hanah has a hard time listening to me. So, it makes it very tough on me. Hanah threw a few fits, but alas! I survived!!! ;)

Yesterday I did a photoshoot of Mandy C. too, so if you haven't already checked out my other blog, you can look at it! :) The link is on the side- Grace Creations. Please give me any critique you have! :) I have SO much to learn!

Thanks so much for praying already for David!

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Scottie Moser said...

Wow, I'll sure be praying. Thank God He knows what He's doing! May you find comfort and peace in Him.