Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay, well....obviously, as you can ALL TELL there were some CERTAIN "cheaters" (Bruce kids...) ;) and so they racked up the comments so I'd have to post my pictures....WELL..... in order not to spoil the surprise of the movie, I will be only posting ONE picture. That way I don't go back on my word here, and also keep the surprise! ;) Now beware cause this picture is quite wild and well crazy. Don't laugh TOO hard!

Okay, and well actually I just tried to get ONE more picture, but due to rendering the video, I'm only able to get this shot, so it still wont tell much, except I look insane! :D

The movie will be up TOMORROW though! And I can post it on my blog if you'd like! :)


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kristen said...

Those Bruce kids...