Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Seems like this blog is getting less and less attention from me. The times I really NEED to write I'm in the car driving and can't write and when I DO have the time I sit here staring off thinking of millions of things to say but not being able to come up with words to say it. What's happening to me? lol My Mom has been on my mind a LOT! A small incident happened last week that has left me thinking about her constantly and then Saturday night I had one of the strangest, most horrible dreams I've ever had. (I'm not someone who is big on dreams or anything) This dream though seemed ever so real. My Mom was there, but not really. Mandy was with me and David, my stepdad, but my Mom had already passed away. During the conversation Mandy and David were having I saw my Mom laying there, so I ran over to her and just held her begging her not to leave me again. I just kept saying, "Don't go this time, stay with me, stay here" and then she would disappear. Mandy and David of course thought I was crazy, but then she would come back and I'd start pleading with her again and told her to not let go of me. As you can see this dream was quite disturbing for me. Whenever I dream about my Mom I forget that she has died, so I'm never sad in them, this was the first where I knew she had died. I ended up just getting out of bed so I could stop the dream and when I woke up I had and email and of course, it talked about my Mom. I should have expected it....but the exciting part was....the movie that was being made about my Mom and her choice to go to Mexico is ALMOST done. The man making it emailed me to let me know that the website was up and the trailer was on the site. I checked it out immediately and watched the trailer. I am so excited to have this movie done. My Mom would be so pleased that her journey with cancer will be able to be used to touch others lives and inform them of the hope they can have when given the fatal news they have cancer. Please check out the website and view the trailer.
Part of me wants everyone to see this film, just because the information is so valuable and for some it can help them see what our family DID go through, but then for others, those friends of mine that are so close to me that DIDN'T know my Mom, it's hard for me, because by seeing this they will know my "sick" Mom, not the Mom I know. I'm not sure how I'll feel when the movie is out and done. Excited, that they can sort of "meet" my Mom, or Scared?
(Lane thought this car was like a race car since the speedometer said 180)

Anyway enough about that....besides my horrible dream my weekend was very nice! Friday night I took Lane shopping with me to Wal-Mart. He had such a great time sitting in the front seat with no booster seat thing and being able to lay the seats down ALL the way into a bed, he just loved that! ;) On Saturday we had my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Annviersary party, so that was VERY exciting!! There was such a great turnout there and everything just looked so elegant! I got a few pictures, but it was rather dark there and well, I still am not used to this camera. My grandparents enjoyed it so much though, and loved seeing old friends and all the family! After getting home Lane and I went shopping again, we planned on a list of things we would make for my Dad's breakfast on Father's Day. My Dad is really into gourmet foods and presentation...well, I am not! :D So...I ventured out and tried all new things, to my surprise they all turned out ookay...except for one little thing! :D (My Dad never knew about it though, I just threw it away and acted like it wasn't planned to have!)

We ended up making stuffed french toast with bananas and carmel sauce on top, bacon, potato cakes, sausage, and these little egg and ham cupcakes. Sounds weird, I know. I was just So happy that my Dad enjoyed it so much! We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and playing outside some (until I had a tick on me) and then we played rook in the afternoon! That was SO much fun! I was the only one who had ever played, so it took them all a little while to catch on, but it was funny to watch! :) We never do things like this as a family so I really enjoyed it!

Oh and lastly...this weekend I have been editing Living Hope Production's upcoming short! It's about done and should be on youtube soon, we are just trying to figure out a title for it. If any of you have suggestions, let me know! This should be funny....leave a comment with the title you think it should be, even though you have no clue what it's about!!! :D C'mon..IF your reading this, you MUST leave a comment, deal? ;)

Oh, and IF I get at least 15 comments I'll post a few stills from the movie to get you guys excited about it!!!!!

Hope you all had wonderful Father's Days! And Happy Father's Day to the two guys in my life..... Daddy (Steve, my Dad) and David (my stepdad)!!!!!! Love you guys!


Bethany said...

Wow girl, your lookin pretty tan in that top pic!! :P

Hey I've got a perfect title for the movie..."Dannie the Dudette!" :D :D

And everybody, please leave your comments because trust me, you WANT to see those still pictures from the movie!! :D

Danielle said...

:D :D LOL...Besh, are you not that tan?? :shock: Could I possibly be as tan as you? :P

:D LOL Okay, we will NOT be naming it Dannie the Dudette! You are something else, you know that, right? :D

Shh...and no giving away how bad those pics are! :D LOL Alright....looks like there are 2 comments now, but from now on, I wont contribute! ;)

Kristen B. said...

Hey Danielle! By the way, "hey" is what everybody here in the South usually says instead of "hi." :D (in case you were wondering why I always say that... but no I'm not picking up a real Southern accent. LOL )

"This is your third comment."

Kristen B. said...

Your grandparents' anniversary party looked amazing! I love how the table was decorated - so elegant!

Kristen B. said...

The Father's Day breakfast sounded really, really good. I like fancy-ish foods. :D

Kristen B. said...

Well now you have 6 comments. I'd better stop here. :D

(Though I did mean what I said in my comments!!)

Danielle said...

Umm..I think I know what you are doing! Bad girl! :D :P

Kristen B. said...

Me??? < innocent look >


Ryan Bruce said...

Why all the comments? *grin*

Ryan Bruce said...

Oh, I see. Something about still shots from the movie. Okay. I guess I should post more! :D

Ryan Bruce said...

Nice photos!

Ryan Bruce said...

11 comments! WOW! You are popular!

Anonymous said...

Ah! It just changed to 12 comments! They are pouring in!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait....I think that's because I am leaving comments. :P

k. b. said...

Yeah, that must be right.

kristen said...

16 comments!! Alright, Danielle - those pictures! :D :D

Ryan Bruce said...

Okay, it needs a title. Here are some ideas....

"Short Film with No Name"

"Long Title for a Short Film"

"I Don't Know What This Film is About"

"Much Ado About a Title"

"The Three Titles"

"How to Title a Short 101"

"The Return of the Titles"

"The Attack of the Titles"

"Title on 34th Street"

"It's a Wonderful Title"

"The Title's Guide to the Galaxy"

Bethany said...

Alright Dannie....BRING ON THE PICTURES!!! And everybody...hold onto your seats!! :D Just kidding, but they are pretty funny!!