Friday, June 20, 2008

On The Farm...

Well instead of writing all about our wonderful day yesterday I'm just going to post pictures...they tell more anyway! :) For a little idea of what happened though, Hanah, Logan and I packed up yesterday afternoon to spend it at the Osborne Family Farm! I am very good friends with the Osborne Family so I thought, it'd be so neat for the kids to see the animals and I could see Mrs. Osborne and the kids! ;) Hanah and Logan ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

(Okay, there are so many pictures so it'd take me forever to put them in order...I'll do captions though)

(cherries that we were picking and eating right off the tree!)
(Their first look at the goats)

(An old piano in the church we walked up to)
(Logan helping Nick collect the eggs)
(Hanah helping Mrs. Osborne by carrying the soapy water to wash off the goats)

(brushing the goats)
(Holly's Day Lily...pretty huh?)
(Miss Holly)
(The kids LOVED this part....Mrs. O took them on a lawn mower ride)

(This church is kinda abandoned, but we walk up to it most times we are there, so we decided to take this kids this time, we enjoyed singing some songs, talking about Jesus being in our hearts and praying while up there)

(These chicks, Nick hatched from an incubator thing)
(bottling the lambs)
(Okay, I think this one is like the cutest little lamb, but it got hurt and is now paralyzed. I still think it's the greatest though!)
(Hanah's turn)


Bethany said...

Looks like lots of fun!! They've got some really pretty Nubians! And isn't that just like a goat to be standing in the hay feeder... :D

Danielle said...

Yup! Your right Besh, but hey don't you agree that sick one is just super cute! ;)

Bethany said...

Well.....ummm, I guess it is pretty cute...not as cute as the goats though. :) But I'm like majorly partial to goats you know. :D

Hannah said...

Love the pictures, Danielle! I am partial to the one of the piano...:p

Kristen B. said...

Those lambs are SO adorable. :-) (And the goats too of course! ;)

Beautiful picture of the day lily!