Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anna Maria Island- Day 2

Okay, so this will be a short post but with LOTS of photos! :) Today my grandparents and I went BACK to Anna Maria (sorry thought it was Marie) Island today and this time didn't see dolphins but saw lots and lots and lots of birds! :) It was so neat though! :) We found the restaurant that we were supposed to eat at yesterday and had lunch there! :) It was neat to watch the birds get fish and the fishermen get fish as we ate! :) Hope you enjoy the pictures! :) Oh, the pics are out of order and since my computer is a tad bit slow I'm not going to take the time to put them IN order...also they aren't edited at all... :(
(A pelican...very neat bird! You'll see lots of these! ;)

(Our restaurant was out on the pier, which was really just a big dock! :) So these people sat outside and fished or did whatever...a very casual place!)
(Not sure what kind of birds these were...people kept saying seagulls, but I've never seen a seagull that looked this way)

(Tampa we weren't in Tampa, but the bay reached this far...oh and yesterday I thought it was the Atlantic Ocean but really is was the Gulf of Mexico)

(Who knows what this is!)
(I know this one!!! A DUCK!)
(This is the pelican diving in to get the fish..I know it looks weird but that's what they look like!)

(This bird freaked me out! I was getting pics and I looked up and it was RIGHT over my head! I mean, like RIGHT was sitting on the roof of the building and just wouldn't move, except it's eye...see how it has that thing that goes over it half way...creeeeepppy!)

(So you know, a lot of these pictures were taken through the restaurant window...sorry for lighting problems and how blurry some are)

(Thought this was so cute...the littler birders would just float right along with the Pelicans)

That's all!!! :)


Kristy said...

Your pictures were great! Very cool shots of the birds. :-)
~ Kristen

crik said...

Pretty pics!

Anonymous said...

like the pictures!!

Danielle said...

Thanks! :)