Sunday, November 09, 2008

Greg Wallace's Benefit

Last Friday, the 7th, there was a benefit for Greg Wallace, a young man we have met through HSA with cancer. I'm not exactly sure how long he has had cancer but he has no health insurance and medical bills are expensive as most of you know, so the Bluedorns organized a benefit for him to help raise money. It was so neat. Cancer is something very close to me...and there were so many people who helped us out when my Mom was sick that I was very much so looking forward to this event to be able to extend the blessing. (Not that I had that much to give) It was an incredible night though. First of all I got to see tons of friends and meet new friends too! :) John and Sage were on their way home from MI so they were there for it also! The evening consisted of a pie auction, some dancing, pie eating contest, best pumpkin pie contest, silent auction, music, and lots of fellowship! It was so much fun and a blessing to be at. The pie auction was INCREDIBLE! Jason and Melody Hemmer were the auctioneers and did quite a good job at it! ;) They got people up to 375 for one cake!!! Actually the highest bidded item was this one fancy cake and it went for 1005 dollars!! It was just so neat to be there and see the body of Christ pulling together and being so generous with their money to help out Greg. By the end of the night they had raised....get ready for this! .........24,000 DOLLARS! Can you believe it?? God is SO good! Well, I have tons of pictures to post, so I'll just leave captions on them and let them explain more of the evening!! :)

(Mandy Culwell went with us to the benefit! Love you Ninja!)
(The photographer for the evening...Nathan Bluedorn)

(Mr. Hemmer)
(Melody bought ALL these raffle tickets for a violin and we were all SOOO happy when they called her number and she WON IT!!!)
(Our auctioneers for the night, Jason and Melody Hemmer...they did such a great job! And were quite comical!) :)

(Sage, Mandy and John watching as the pies went from 50 to 75 to 90 to 375!!!)
(Jason Stanford)
(Helena Bluedorn and John, and yes...John's jacket is inside out!)
(Collyn Hunt)

(I am not sure this guy's name, but he filmed a lot of the evening and they did interviews and stuff...I think they may be trying to make a documentary on how Christians pull together to help those in time of need..I could be wrong though!) :)
(John and Sage being goofy!)
(This is the violin that Melody won and John was playing for her....since I didn't take this picture I can't be certain, but I was told Melody was smiling this big when hearing John play! :D....isn't she pretty!)

(Time for some funny but kinda gross pics. The pie eating contest!)

(Getting ready for it...they had 60 seconds to eat the most they could with NO hands!)
(Jason and John going at it!)
(Nate Sisson after the 60 seconds was up)
(Jason afterwards, I don't think he was feeling too good. :( )
(John posing... I don't think he ate enough to feel SUPER sick)
(THE WINNER...Doug P. Isn't that gross? :( The guys had pumpkin pie in their beards..)
(Mrs. Bluedorn helping out with the auction....she is such a sweet lady!)
(Some of the pies that were being auctioned off)

(Some of the silent auction stuff. Many people brought gift baskets or things that had made or put was neat!)
(Faith Hemmer, I think this picture is cute. She was actually getting a pic of a very cute little boy!)
(These are just some dancing pics...that first pic, I think I make that face a lot! ;) )
(The Hemmers, John and Sage, Mandy Culwell and Mandy and me...what a fun night!)


crik said...

Fun pics! I'm glad you guys had so much fun! :)

priscilla said...

hi Danielle! i am so glad i got to see the pics now! looks like you guys had a fun time and i can't believe that cake went for over a thousand dollars!


helena said...

Yay! You got photos up! What a fun night that was...

The Hemmers said...

I do have a big smile on my face. I just couldn't seem to wipe it off after winning that violin!!!

Amber said...

Nice blog post. :D You got some good pictures. I haven't looked at ours yet. I think Angela has her camera at work. We'll be doing a post too. :D

Anonymous said...

I look sick...and I guess for good reason. :) Good pics tho (except mine) :)

Nitchfield News said...

Hi Danielle! It was fun to see you there, and get to talk a bit at the Young Adult Conference. You're in my prayers. ;-) - GJ