Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anna Marie Island

So much for not being able to blog! :) I have more time here then I do at home I think. :D My Grandpa was So nice to import my pictures also and show me how to use the software for resizing pics also, soooo.....I have some pics from today to post! :)

My Grandma and I left around umm..10:00 or wait, is that MO time? I don't know somewhere around there and went to Bradenton. It felt like the drive took FOREVER but it was a nice time for my grandma and I to talk! :) (as long as I could keep my eyes open) ;) So we dropped off the projecter thing at the repair shop and then got to talking with the people there. My Grandma let the guy know that we were in the market for a nice photo printer, for my photography business. The man was So nice and showed us exactly what we needed to get! I'm pretty excited because the printer we are looking at it pretty big and will print on canvas and just does some really nice prints!!!! We'll see what happens though. :) It was a lot cheaper than I imagined too! So after discussing printers for an hour or so they told us about Anna Marie Island! :) They knew I was from St. Louis and wanted to see the beach! :) So we took their advice and drove down to the island! It was BEAUTIFUL! :) SOoo pretty! :) Once again it was quite the drive because my grandma was busy looking at the surroundings so we drove like 5 miles an hour on the island...very slow! Finally we made it toward a dead end and got out to walk around on the beach! :) My grandma was quite cold but I was loving it! :) I'm so used to CA beaches and Mexico beaches and well...they just aren't as pretty! The sand here was white and the water was so blue!!! :) It was a little bit chilly just because of all the wind! Besh, you should have seen me..my skirt plus the wind...NOT a good combination! ;) (wait a second, you SHOULDN'T have seen me) ;)

(My grandma's "bikini")
(A way way too close self-portrait)

After getting some pictures we drove around the block to the restaurant that was on the becah! :) It was tasty and so nice to be able to look out our window and see the birds and waves! :) We had a great time spending the day together there. :) I bought shirt/dress type thing as a souveiner there too, so I'll always remember Anna Marie Island! :)

On our way home was probably the most exciting though! As we were leaving the island there was a place to pull over and park and just look at the boats and stuff. Well, it looked like a nice place to get some shots so I told her I could just get out real quick and get a few pictures. I was busy getting pictures of this pier when my grandma started saying, "Look there is something jumping out of the water" Took me awhile to understand her and then I saw it...DOLPHINS!!! Like SOOO close to me also! :) They were so close to the shore, I couldn't believe it! I ran as fast as I could and got my zoom lens on so I could try to get a close shot of one of them. There were at least 6 dolphins out there playing! Well....some photographer I am, because I ended up just watching them play instead of looking through the lens and getting a shot of them jumping out of the water! :( I have a few though where you can see the little fin...hey, does it look like a shark? :D It was quite a thrill for me! :) I've seen dolphins before but they are usually kind of far away when we see them in Mexico. :)

So that was my day! :) After that we drove home and I slept some. I think tomorrow we are going to a different coastal town, and my Grandma thought I might see some manitees. That'd be neat!!! :) We'll see! :) Looks like I"ll get to blog each day though, so keep checking back! ;)
Can anyone guess what this picture is??? Leave me a comment!


Hannah B. said...

Isn't God's creation beautiful?!? How neat to be able to see those dolphins so close!

Your grandma looks so sweet! :)

Is the last pic a view of clouds from the airplane???

Have fun!

Anna :) said...

Beautiful pictures Dannie! :) You look just lovely there with you grandma! :o) Sounds like a fun day!

Love ya!

Kay P said...

Clouds from the airplane! :D But it does have the same look as a beach! lol

Glad you're having a good trip! Thanks for posting the pictures! :D

crik said...

That looks like so much fun! The sun, the beach the breeze... :)That sure does look like a fun place to take pictures!

Your Grandparents sound so sweet! I'm glad you are having a great time!

Hey if you get that printer I want to try it out sometime! ;D

Oh, and I think it is the clouds from the plain!

Bethany said...

Oh my goodness, I SHOULD have been there for that moment! :D :D LOL you are seriously SO funny Dannie-girl. :)

Those pictures are just beautiful!! And it sounds like you had a really great day!

I was going to guess clouds from the plane on that picture too...

Love you so much!


Lora said...

My guess is the same as the others -- that last pic is of clouds from the window of your plane.

You're right -- the beaches there are *beautiful*!! So glad you're getting to take this trip.

Kristy said...

Glad you are having a great trip!
I loved the pictures with the dolphins! Dolphins are soo neat. :-)

The last picture is a beautiful beach up high with a vast ocean of blue sky. ;-)

Danielle said...

So you all know! :) The last picture WAS taken from the plane!! :)