Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Here!

Well I didn't exactly think that I would have time to be online very much while down here but things worked out differently I think. :) Soo....thought I'd do a quick post to just let you know I got here in sunny Florida! :) I had a nice quick flight and it's like 70 something degrees here during the day...WAY nice! :) Everyone here keeps telling me I brought the cold weather with me though, they are all going around with pants and sweatshirts on and little snow hats on their heads! :D Quite funny to see! :) It does get a lot cooler at night but still it's like lower 50's not 30's how it is in St. Louis.

A lot has changed since the last time I was here. I figured it out, it's been almost 6 years since I have been down to their house!!! They've changed the whole place around. They moved their furniture from their St. Louis house down to here so everything is rearranged. They have all their computers set up in their screened in porch room which is very nice. :) I had quite the surprise this morning. I had finished getting ready this morning and came and sat on the couch and my Grandpa came in a said, "Danielle, I got your computer set up now" I was pretty confused, so he brought me into the porch and he had set up my own desk with a computer they had put away in storage. He got it all hooked up and connected to the internet...it was so sweet of him! :) So now we all have our own little "station" in here! :)

I think today my Grandma and I are going to this town called Bradyenton (sp?) It's 50 miles away and I have no clue what we are DOING there, but she must have some sort of plans. :) She said it was 50 miles west and well if my geography is correct in 50 miles we would definitely hit the ocean or gulf or something...so who knows, maybe it's a costal town..OR I could have my directions mixed up...my friends have been proving to me that geography is NOT my strong suit! ;)

Oh yea...guess I should mention last weekend too! :) I had a GREAT time! :) I was quite scared making the drive up there by myself but it went pretty smooth and I got there in 5 1/2 hours. It was really nice to spend time with their family and get to know them better. Then on Saturday we woke up quite early and left for West Chicago for the young adult conference. There were lots of people there and the whole day just went really well. They had this one man that did calligraphy and wrote out Psalm 16:11 on this huge piece of paper and we talked about it phrase by phrase...it was just very neat! As soon as he was finished I leaned over to Melody and said, "I want that!" :D Well.....I ended up winning it!! :) They had a drawing later and everyone was supposed to put in their name so I did and Jason put my name in for his, so I thought okay...I at least have 2 names in there! :) Well, after winning Melody told me that she put 5 of my name in there for each person in their family!! :) How sweet, huh? Anyway I was pretty excited and think I let out a little scream even when they called my name! :) The conference was still great though even if I hadn't have won that! ;) The speaker they had was very good and at times convicting. I'm so glad God worked it all our for me to be able to be there! Then Sunday I got to go to their church and meet all the people I had heard SOO much about! :) The sermon was a blessing and encouragement to hear, if you can believe it, he talked about how God loves us...and even though we are going through these trials (like Ezekial did) God still LOVED Him. And with Mary, Martha, and Lazurus...Jesus made it clear he loved them even though it might not have seemed so to them in the midst of the trial. :) I felt like he was speaking on that subject just for me! :D Everyone I met there was so kind and friendly, just a blessing to be around! :) Thank you Hemmer Family for having me at your house for the weekend!!!! :) Oh, so I left their church right after lunch thinking it'd take me 5 1/2 hours again but my GPS took me a different way home and I got there in 4 hours!!! WOW! :) I was quite tired though making the drive but thanks to some very nice friends they kept me awake while talking on my cell phone! :)

Well, I guess I should end this post....if it's too long it gets boring and especially since I have no pictures to post. I DO have pictures but I left my card reader at home and well, don't want to bother my Grandpa with finding one for me. :) Hope you all are having a great week!!!!!! :)


Bethany said...

So glad you had a great weekend Dannie! :)

And I hope you have a great stay in FL with your grandparents, they sound so sweet. I'm must say though....I'm rather envious of that nice weather! :P

Love you tons!


crik said...

YAY! You got there! :)
Glad to hear you are already having a great time!

That is too funny about the Hemmers putting your name in the drawing so many time! LOL I didn't know about that!:)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

Hannah :) said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Have fun in WARM Florida! :)