Friday, September 29, 2006

Love Cast Out Fear

Just so you know, I have a few pictures posted today, it has my Mom and David in the picture, my grandpa, my sister Mandy, and my older sister Tara with her boyfriend Jason. Just so you know who everyone is!

Okay, so we are going to Mexico. Last night I was just thinking so much about going and if it was or wasn't a good idea to go. I love Mexico and the hospital, but I want to do what God wants my Mom to do. Is this making since? So, I was thinking about all of my Mom's pills last night. When you get to the hospital they give each patient a very large bag of pills for them to take. It's up to the patient or family to divide them up to make it easier each day to take them. Last time, David organized them all for my Mom, and made sure she did everything she was supposed to. So last night I was really worried about this. What if I mess up, what if I get the pills wrong? Then I thought, God really doesn't want us to go. Or does he? I was so scared. I just kept praying that God would make it obvious. And I already talked to David, he thought it was a good idea we went, actually everyone has been saying it is a good idea. Finally I started thinking, maybe this is Satan making me scared. No, it couldn't be. I shouldn't blame this on him, I thought I was trying to put off what God wanted me to do, by blaming it on the devil. I was just in bad shape last night.

So today, after talking to a very wise friend of mine, she explained that she thought for sure it was Satan. He uses fear to derail God's plan. The bible says Perfect love casts out fear. If that was God last night, then why was I so terrified? Realizing this, has given me peace about the whole situation. Not that I'm still erie about going by ourselves, but I'm not afraid. I believe this is where God wants us.

My mom had a pretty good day today. She was tired, but felt okay. Her speech is still not all the way there and she is having memory problems, but I think soon it will be gone. We had thought that my Mom's brain cancer was related to the cell phone towers in front of our house. After ordering a meter though, we found out they aren't putting off bad signals. Actually microwaves, put off deadly signals. We got rid of ours! :) We are kind of glad that the towers have nothing to do with the cancer, that way we don't have to move, but we were also thinking it would be neat to know, what caused this cancer.

Thank you everyone who has been praying for my Mom and me. I really do appreciate it. We are leaving for Mexico on October 5th, so only a few more days. We are staying for 3 weeks. I will continue to blog in Mexico, it will give me something to do! :)

Oh, I'm posting a picture of my Mom with her favorite dog, Grace! Hope you enjoy it!
Love, Danielle


Khushi said...

best wishes to your mom :)

Danielle said...

Thank You

BonnieJ said...

Hey, I saw the comment you left at my site. Thanks :) We have been praying for your mom and you guys.

Keith M. said...

I saw your request on teens on their knees. I'll be praying!

Celeste McGrath said...

It was a good idea to write your comment on Teens on Their Knees, wasnt it?:) I'll email again soon when I get the chance!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Great pictures! I will be praying that you have peace and your travels go well. God will be your help!