Monday, September 25, 2006


Does God really hear all of our prayers? Then why isn't my mom being healed?

These are the types of questions going on inside my head. I know it's wrong. The Lord hears all of our prayers, he just doesn't always answer them on our time or in the way we think he should. Please pray for my mom. Prayer is the most powerful thing for my mom right now, so as many as we can get, helps!

We had a very busy weekend. David, the man making the documentary of our family, came to visit this last weekend. Some ladies from the local homeschool group organized a fundraiser to raise money for my mom's medical bills. David wanted to be here for that. To show how the community pulls together. We are so blessed to have such good friends, and many are friends we have never even met. I'm just amazed by that. We then had a get-together at our house on Saturday night after the fundraiser. It was a nice time of fellowshiping and praying. After being gone for 3 weeks, it was so nice to see everyone.

On Sunday, we were able to go back to our old church, IFF. It was very nice to see all of them also. The teaching was on judging, but there also were comments made about being content. Was that a shock to hear! How can I be content? Everything is going wrong, I don't like my life. And especially, how am I supposed to have joy? A friend of mine explained that joy is not happiness. So easily we get confused with this. We think we should be happy when tribulation comes. That is hard! I have to have joy knowing that God is in control and trust that he will take care of everything.

Today, my mom had a really tough day. She finally acknowledged to herself that she was getting worse. We tried having our new student, Shay come today, but my mom's words just wouldn't come out, at least not very clear. I felt so bad for her. She just cried telling me that it isn't getting better, nothing is. So, we talked a long time downstairs, we cried together and expressed our fears. It is just so scary here. Seeing my mom get worse and worse is really scary. I don't think I can handle it. I don't understand why anyone would have to go through this. And I think it is hard, but it must be really scary for my Mom. She is the one in pain, that can't think straight, and given no hope. She is so much better than me. I couldn't do it. My mom loves God with her whole heart and even though she can't think of her words and get her thoughts straight, she never forgets that God will take care of her and her comfort will come from him. I am encouraged by that.

The last 2 weeks it had been ackward, because it was like there was no mother-daughter relationship anymore. After today though, I think it is back! We just laid there together, cried together, talked together, and even laughed together. It's not the same as it was, but it is a new way to share our time with one another. That is a prayer answered! :)

Well, I need to type a study guide for tomorrow, so that's all for now. I'm praying that I can give a great update on my mom tomorrow!

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livin4him712 said...

Danielle, i just came across your page as i was looking for something else, and i just want you to know that you are being held up in prayer. you are loved and He is faithful, whether our circumstances define it that way or not.