Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our Story

For those of you who don't know our family or our story, I will start at the beginning of all of this.

My mom has been having headaches for the past 3 years. She just assumed they were migranes and went on with normal life. Not until last month, did the headaches start to get much worse. She was having horrible pain, but her speech also started to get confused. She would have spells that usually lasted no more than 10 minutes, where she couldn't come up with words and she would get very tounge tied. After 1 day of this, my mom went to a Neurologist. Guess what he told her? Migranes, it's hormonial. All the normal stuff. Her doctor appointment was on Thursday and by Sunday my mom was in the Emergency Room. She continued to have these episodes where she couldn't speak, and she started having drool come out of the right side of her mouth. This didn't seem normal to us.

While at the Emergency Room, they did a CT scan and found two masses. They said they couldn't be for sure what they were, without taking her to a different hospital. So, that night my mom was transferred to St. Jospehs in St. Charles, MO. They ran a series of different scans on her and our results said, my mom had two tumors on her brain, and they were 98% sure they were cancerous. The doctor at the hospital gave my mom no hope. He told her that she had few choices. She could, take chemotherapy and radiation and hopefully live 12-18 months, or they could do a needle biopsy to make sure it is cancer, but that leaves her with the high possibility of having no speech the rest of her life, or he said she could go home and wait to die. Aren't these great choices?

My grandparents advised my mom to get a second opinion from a very large hospital in St. Louis. My mom was then transported to Barnes St. Louis, a large cancer hospital. All of the tests there confirmed the same thing, and they gave her the same options. This left me with no hope. The thought of losing my mom tore me apart. How could this be happening to me? You hear about this stuff in movies, not in real life. Although my mom was sick, our family acquired more strength from the Lord, than we could have ever hoped for. My sister and I decided to buy mustard seed necklaces to constantly remind us to hold on to our faith and believe that my mom could be healed. So, since that day of purchasing the necklaces, I've worn it everyday. I can't tell you how much these necklaces have affected people. Well, I'll get into that more later.

While my mom was in the hospital, a lady we had only seen, never really met, showed up at the hospital. I told her what the doctors said, that there was no hope, and she leaned toward me and said, I brought hope! She had many books with her about treating cancer the natural way and she told us her story of how she was healed of her cancer 10 years ago. So, after a week being in hospitals, we took my mom home. Although she has cancer, you couldn't tell anything was wrong with her. Her speech was back and she had pretty much stopped the drooling. We had decided to leave for Mexico on Monday and get treatments for her down there at a Natural Medicine Hospital. Well, things took a turn for the worse on Friday night. My mom had been in a sweat bath, trying to get the toxins out of her body, and the water just got to hot for her. The lady helping with all of the therapies had to step outside to check on the weather, so it was just my mom and me. My mom started saying to me, "It's too hot, I gotta get out of here." She just kept saying that and started to stand up. Then her eyes rolled back and her head and she was out. This was the scaries thing that had ever happened to me. I know the Lord helped me catch my mom, because somehow I got her from the ledge of the tub to the bedroom floor. This would have been hard for me to do on my own. God supernaturally intervened to help me. My mom was out for about 5 minutes. I think this is what made her go downhill. We aren't sure if she had a seizure or she just fainted. We ended up finding out, that the water was just way too hot. We didn't know it at the time, but my mom had no feeling down the right side of her body. She couldn't judge the temperature for herself. On Saturday my mom was pretty bad. She slept pretty much the whole day, she lost her speech almost completely and her face was very much so distorted. And then the worst day of all, Sunday, my mom was completely out. We had people in and out the whole day and she never woke up. We couldn't get her to swallow pills, she wasn't eating, talking, walking, or even responding. I would yell things to her, and she just wouldn't do anything. We had called the elders from our church to come and annoint her and pray for her. So, that night we had many people there for prayer. Now you have to remember, my mom hadn't talked for 2 days now, and after we finished praying my mom sat up in the bed, opened her eyes, and told us she had to go to the bathroom! PRAISE GOD! I was shocked, amazed, Oh words just can't describe it! It was too good to be true! God works fast! Now we were very hopeful, that the Lord had more planned for my Mom, her race isn't finished yet. She helps so many people, teaches so many, and blesses so many. She couldn't go yet, there is more work to be done here. And most of all, I need her. All of us need her! So, that night, we prayed (my family) like Gideon with the fleece. We said if we could get her on the plane to Mexico, than God would heal her. If she wasn't able to fly, then we would take it from there. That night was so scary for me to pray that. I just kept thinking, What if? She might not be able to get on tomorrow and then I really would be out of hope. God is so good though, we were on the plane Monday morning, all of us! Mexico here we come!

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