Monday, September 18, 2006

Talent Show

While in Mexico, one man decided it would be nice to have a talent show at least once a week. So, our second week down there, he put together the whole show. He asked for volunteers to be in it, and if you didn't volunteer, he would make something up for you to do, regardless if you knew how. :)

Our family decided to sing a few hymns and I played guitar a little bit. Mandy and I also did a "magic" trick, and we both juggled. It was so much fun. The man who put it all together, brought his saprano flute, so he played pieces from the Baroque Period. One man sang a song and David read some scripture. It was really a nice time.

Then came our week to organize the talent show. It was our last week there, so we were very familiar with the place and weren't too shy to ask everyone to participate. This time the show was pretty funny! We had decided that us girls, my mom, Mandy, myself, and Carmela would all do a dance. First you have to know, every morning when at the hospital, each patient gets an IV full of vitamens. So, Carmela one of the first days she was there, made a joke that her IV pole was sort of like her dance partner. So...going off this, we turned 4 IV poles into dance partners for each of us. We learned from one of the nurses there, the style of Mexican dance, and Mandy and I made up a dance to the Mexican Hat Dance. None of us had skirts with us, so we used white bath towels for our skirts. We pinned them to the front of us, so it would look like a flowing skirt. Boy, was it funny! But even funnier, were our guys (IV poles) We put hooded sweatshirts on them, with a hanger underneath for the shoulders. We drew faces on paper and got our other props from Carmela, like a wig and hat. See what do you think...It was a lot of fun. I think it was good for all the patients to get together and spend time together. Our talent show didn't only consist of dancing, there was much more singing, and a card trick. It will be a night we won't forget!

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